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Social Media Highlights from the SF MarketingSherpa Summit 2010

October 18th, 2010 No Comments

Earlier this month, I was invited to attend the “MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Summit” in San Francisco as a panelist.  While most of the summit was focused on traditional marketing channels and lead nurturing, half a day was dedicated to social media, including research, training and case studies. The “B2B Social Media for the B2B Marketer” panel that I was a part of, included fellow social media practitioners from NetApp, NetSuite, and Free, Maxick & Battaglia.

Here the key social media take-aways as compiled by Andrew Spoeth from Marketo in his blog about the summit: (Full disclosure, Andrew saved me, as I had planned to write my own summary using the great Tweets from the #b2bsummit hashtag but learned that Twitter has severe storage limits; many blogs suggest creating your own Twitter archive. Google claims to have the full archive but I could only find a small selection of all Tweets. Also not clear on how to (if possible to) access the Tweets at the Library of Congress. This is a very good example of what my boss Ted Sapountzis calls “Eat your own dog food“. He suggests anybody involved in social media set up their own channels to learn how it works before launching campaigns.)


  • Don’t be afraid to let your audience have control, but do measure what is being said about your brand.
  • Keep your message simple, and keep it relevant.
  • Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress. Visibility wins over invisibility.
  • Know the influencers in your industry and make sure they know you.
  • The blog is replacing the website as the center of your social media strategy.
  • A good social media strategy is one that will outlive changes in technology.
  • (And added by me:  Don’t start B2B social media marketing without a clear strategy, including objectives and and how to measure them).

After the panel discussion, I had the opportunity to interview the panel moderator Sergio Balegno, Associate Director of Research for MarketingSherpa, MECLABS. In the following video, Sergio is sharing advice on how to get started with social media marketing and what to avoid:


Do you agree or disagree? What is your own experience? If you are planning to attend the Boston Summit on Oct 25th, we could discuss in person.

PS: My next blog will report back on social media and influencer activity at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas. My invitation to go there is an interesting social media case study in itself.

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