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Mobile Marketing 101: Opportunity, Awareness, Execution

February 24th, 2012 1 Comment

Remaining dissatisfied about my understanding of mobile marketing (as expressed in my blog: “What I learned about Social Media Marketing from a Webinar on Mobile Marketing“), I was full of anticipation when Moira Jacobs agreed to present at my (and Nancy Uy’s) Social Media Aficionados Meetup group on February 22nd, 2012.

And I was not disappointed! In the following, find a summary of the most salient points from Moira’s presentation:

The 3 Key Elements of a Mobile Marketing Strategy

  1. Opportunity
  2. Awareness
  3. Execution

1. The Opportunity: Should your business have a mobile marketing strategy?

  • Over 42% of US adults own a smart phone
  • 52% of people use their mobile devices to receive some type of help in making a purchasing decision while shopping, including scanning 2d QR and 1d UPC codes

2. Awareness

  • Businesses need to have self-awareness. One way to find out where you stand is to use a Mobile Marketing Maturity Index
  • Ask yourself if you have the capabilities to execute (employees, partners etc.)
  • Do you have the customer knowledge that it takes to best communicate with them?
  • What does opportunity mean for our company?
  • Be sensitive, don’t annoy your customers and follow privacy protection rules

3. Execution

  • It’s all about the marketing mix and customer life cycle; elements include texting, bar codes, location services, video recognition. Know what’s out there.
  • Cloud-based servcies, e.g. Platform as a Service (PaaS) make mobile marketing realistic even for small businesses.
  • PaaS is key if you want to execute texting campaigns and/or build mobile apps. Cost can start as low as $50/month for texting; $70 for bar-coding.
  • Many agencies now sign up for the PaaS and pass the cost on to their customers; making their profits off consulting services.
  • Some agencies see cloud-based services as a threat but the value lies in strategy not tools.


  • Visit the Mobile Marketing Association web site
  • Download the 160 page long Mobile Marketing US Consumer Best Practices.

More Facts:

  •  In general, B2C finds greater application of mobile marketing than B2B.
  • Advertising on mobile devices has not proven to be as successful as other forms of more direct customer communication.
  • People now expect to have access to your business from anywhere at any time
  • PDA usage while watching TV is on the rise (my theory: we all used to watch the same Saturday night TV show and discuss it by the water cooler the next day. DVR’s have stopped this but online communities can bring this back).

Here some other interesting content:

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One Response

  1. Jo Appogast says:

    Excellent summary, Natascha! I was happy to hear Moira’s comments about
    •Opportunity/mobile learning strategy
    •Awareness- Learning can be accessible anyplace, anytime!

    As you know, I’m trying to gather info for social media learning. These are right in alignment with great learning programs delivered via M-learning. In fact, everything she discussed was transferrable to what I do. So, I’m ready to start using new technologies for adult learning!


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