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How to embed a Tweet on a blog or emailJust read that Twitter now has the functionality to let you embed a Tweet.
Great, no more cutting and pasting while losing functionality. And it looks much better.

I tweeted the fabulous blog that gives step by step instructions (by Social Media Examiner) so that I could share it by embedding the Tweet here:


One tip that I also saw in the comment section of the blog: if you can’t see the option to “expand” your Tweet (like me), go straight to “details” and then look for “embed Tweet”.

Enjoy! And why not retweet directly from this page, if you found this blog useful?

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4 thoughts on “How to Embed a Tweet into a Blog or Email (& Use it Creatively)

  1. I love that you were so excited by this feature that you blogged about it! I love this feature, too.

    Thanks for sharing my article with your world. I do appreciate that.

    1. Charlene:

      you write very well!!! THANK YOU.

      Glad that I am also now able to follow you on Twitter – now that I know about you and your social media prowess.



  2. When I try and embed a tweet into our email marketing it just shows up as plain text and doesn’t have the Twitter look and feel. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Adam, which email program are you using?
      Maybe this blog can help you. Some time has passed since your comment and things keep changing. Best, Natascha

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