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@SAPCIO: Oliver Bussmann’s 4 Phase Approach to CIO Success in Social Media

July 30th, 2012 No Comments

After catching bits of a conversation on Twitter and getting curious, Michael Krigsman was so kind to forward me his article in CIO Journal titled: Social Media for the Innovative CIO, featuring SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann.

Having worked at SAP in social media for many years, I know that Oliver does a great job at social media, especially on Twitter. Hence, I’d like to quote from Michael’s CIO Journal article to share Oliver Bussmann’s 4 Phase approach to CIO Success in Social Media:

Phase one: Find your community. Open an account, identify people with relevant interests and then take time to observe.

Phase two: Participate in the community. Share links, engage with those in your interest group and become part of that community. Sharing and engaging are the operative terms at this stage.

Phase three: Deepen the connection. After participating in your social media community, consider starting a blog to expand your voice in the social media ecosystem.

Phase four: Become a trusted brand and thought leader. By combining these activities with excellence in IT delivery, you can become a genuine industry influencer. Reaching this stage strengthens your own credibility and benefits the entire organization.

Although starting carefully makes sense, it’s also important to avoid delays and to begin. Haines, of Pabst, emphasizes that “you just have to do it; start getting involved in different chats.”

Apply this advice to your own area of expertise and fine-tune as you learn.  Read the rest of the article here.

Michael Krigsman is the president of Asuret, which advises CIOs and IT organizations. He also writes frequently on topics of interest to CIOs.

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