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Social Media Innovations: Part 2 – Amazon Pages

November 26th, 2012 No Comments

You know that social media is going mainstream when a company like Amazon enters the playing field, offering free tools.

Amazon Pages and Amazon Posts are two new related offerings by Amazon in this space. This blog describes “Pages” while “Posts” is covered in Part 3.

1. Amazon Pages

Amazon is offering companies pages with their own brand pages / URLs that they can manage on This will provide an additional opportunity to promote a company brand, and products sold through

I went here right away to register MarketingXLerator – “as a brand” as Amzaon puts it –  and am waiting to get validated. There is nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain, so get your brand name registered today. Once it comes through, users can leverage Amazon templates

Amazon says:

“Create a custom destination on with an easy-to-use editor—pick a template and choose your content. It’s that easy.”

They continue to say: ” First Impressions Matter:

Impress visitors with your Amazon Page, starting from the top. The first thing your visitors see is your hero, the primary visual element that expresses your brand. Configure your hero area with one of two widgets.

  • Feature high-resolution custom graphics using the Simple Hero widget.
  • Add an interactive product placement and it becomes the Product Hero widget.

Products & More Products

If your goal is to sell products, Amazon can help. Present products your audience can purchase directly using Merchandising widgets. Promote products, product categories, or other links to your brand’s products on

  • Featured Products: Display up to five products in a revolving series of images.
  • Featured Links: Display up to five customized links to products from your catalog, or other links to your products on”

It’s early days, and overall this offering is most relevant to B2C vs. B2B companies. But even for me as a B2B marketer I expect to get value : I intend to use my company page to promote my book 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing that is coming out on in December. The proof will be in the pudding.


I wonder if they got the idea from LinkedIn, as LinkedIn has introduced company pages recently to widen their portfolio and increase traffic to LinkedIn.

Obviously, this is a crowd-sourcing effort by Amazon that will cost them relatively little and increase their SEO and vendor loyalty.

They combined this with Amazon Posts, which has been described as “Hootsuite Light”. I am discussing the tool in Part 3 of this blog series: Amazon Posts.


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