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Natascha Thomson is the CEO of MarketingXLerator and brings over 20 years of experience to her Silicon Valley consulting practice.
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Amazon now gives vendors their own “Page” with brand URL to manage on, plus provides “Amazon Posts” to let them share content on and Facebook; last, they added “Amazon Analytics” as a free tool to track vendor success on Amazon.

A testament to the fact that they understand how to scale and grow their business, but also a potentially scary reality for social media measurement tool vendors: while everybody else is taking their free tools to be “for fee”, or is limiting them to freemium versions (a little bit for free but then you have to pay), Amazon is bucking the trend and providing their tool to their vendors for free (for now). How good it is? Time will tell.

1. Amazon Posts

“Amazon now allows you to engage your audience on and Facebook with social content” (expect the reach to go beyond Facebook in the future). It means you can post content to Facebook and at the same time.

Here is what they say:

E-commerce Has Never Been So Social

Make the link between your social content and retail success. Use Amazon Posts to align your social marketing efforts with your e-commerce objectives and bring a social element to your presence.

Fluent in Social and Sales

  • Post messages on your Amazon Page and Facebook simultaneously.
  • Schedule future posts to land when you want them to.
  • Drive traffic to your products on
  • Evaluate the success of your social marketing efforts with Amazon Analytics.”


 2. Amazon Analytics

A free tool to help you understand how you are doing with your Amazon Pages and Posts.

Amazon says:

“Marketing by Numbers

Amazon Analytics informs your marketing decisions by providing metrics such as reach, views, considerations, and purchase lift. Build an understanding about how your audience interacts with your brand – on your Amazon Page and with your Amazon Posts.

Learn More about your Audience

Learn how your audience responds to your messaging and how Amazon Marketing Services can help you drive your business objectives.

Demystify the Impact of Social Marketing

Gain insight into how your social marketing influences your sales. Make the connection between your posts and your sales patterns over time.”


I am currently waiting to get validated for my page and will experiment with Amazon Posts & Analytics as soon as possible.

Have you tried it? Please share if you have.


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