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Slides & Recording: 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing Overview

January 7th, 2013 No Comments

3o Minute Webinar:

Social media has changed the game for marketing professionals. Have you changed yours?

In this webinar, the authors of 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing present:

  • Three hot social media trends you cannot afford to miss
  • Rule 31: Influencers amplify your message
  • Rule 3: B2B social media is different
  • Rule 6: How to integrate social media into your marketing plan
  • Rule 39: How to make social media part of your job
  • Rule 40: Start Small and Build
  • Find out how to get a free eCopy with 5 rules from the book.

Register here:

Check out the SlideShare deck here:

Webinar: 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing from MarketingXLerator

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