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Great News: Twitter is Making Analytics More Widely Available

June 13th, 2013 2 Comments

Twitter is rolling out tweet analytics to a wider audience of Twitter users.

Previously, analytics were only available to Twitter ad customers, but now it is available to many more people. The role out strategy is not totally clear but check it out to see if you already have access. Hopefully, they won’t charge for this functionality down the road. It’s very useful

Go to to see if you have the analytics tab at the top, you can choose from two options: “Timeline activity” or “Followers:Twitter Analytics, Social Media Marketing & Strategy, B2B, Ads





Here some screen shots from my @NaThomson account to give you a taste:

New Twitter Performance Analytics, B2B, Social Media Marketing & Strategy

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 2.24.10 PMHere a great article from Pamela Vaughan at Hubspot: “Twitter Starts Rolling out Tweet Performance Analytics to More Users”.

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2 Responses

  1. Clive Roach says:

    Great news. I used these stats on the Twitter account of my company, when we ran a promoted campaign. Would be great to have access outside of that.

    • Natascha says:


      sounds like you have experience with Promoted Tweets :-). Do you have a blog written that you can share?

      I am planning a campaign for a client and we are trying to figure out how many impressions we should expect and the conversion from impression to our landing page and landing page to registration.
      It’s an unusual B2B play, targeting a particular kind of partnership high-tech opportunity. Any thoughts?

      When I tried to play with the Twitter Ads tool, it only changed my reach when I increased the amount per Tweet, not when I changed the daily limit. That does not seem right, does it?
      Is it better to have a high daily limit or spread the campaign out? Does it pay to bid higher?

      Would be wonderful if you have answers,


      PS: Looking at LinkedIn for the same things; have more data points but need to know more.

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