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Social Media Advice for Startups on PSDNetwork

October 16th, 2013 3 Comments

As I feel passionate about educating people on the use of social media, I signed up as a blogger on Putting The Seat Down Network (PSDNetwork). 

My blog series is a 101 guide to creating your own social media marketing strategy; not on a lofty level but with hands on tips.

So what is PSDNetwork all about?

In short, it’s a great place for any entrepreneur to get business advice and connect with like-minded people; even though the prime focus is on women.

The official blurb for PSDNetwork:

 Dr. Patti Fletcher of PSDNetworkPSDNetwork, LLCis committed to being the first place women turn to for start-up, leadership, and management decisions.

Patti Fletcher and Heather Boggini founded PSDNetwork with a passion for the women who are transforming the world around them.  The founders have an unwavering commitment to providing highly motivated women with tools and access to achieve their next big thing.

PSDNetworkblogs, videos, articles and podcasts deliver concrete advice to navigate the sometimes complex and confusing milestones of growth that intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs face.

Follow PSDNetwork, LLC at @PSDNetwork, on Facebook, and LinkedIn.”

Heather Boggini of PSDNetwork

As soon as I learned about PSDNetwork, I knew it would be a wonderful resource as the founders, Dr. Patti Fletcher (above) and Heather Boggini (left) are accomplished, driven and compassionate women.


Let me give you an idea of what I intend to contribute to PSDNetwork on a monthly basis:

“The objective of my blog is to provide actionable information on how to use social media effectively for marketing. There is a lot of hype, misinformation and fear when it comes to social media. Many businesses and professionals feel pressured to have accounts on all the major platforms but they lack a well-defined strategy to get a return on their investment. I want my readers to be comfortable and successful with social media marketing.”

The following is an excerpt of my first interview with PSDNetwork on the topic of Social Media Marketing for Startups.

(Disclaimer: The rights to the blog are owned by PSDNetwork, where it has been originally published, and can be read in full here.)


PSDNetwork: What are the most common social media challenges your clients are facing today?

Thomson: The top 3 challenges are:

  • Lack of social media know-how
  • Lack of resources (especially: time, people, money)
  • Lack of a (social media) marketing strategy

These challenges translate into 3 common scenarios:

  1. A company wants to leverage social media but doesn’t know how
  2. A company is already using social media but it’s not working
  3. A company wants to use social media but has no marketing foundation, e.g. no defined brand, value proposition, messaging, or content.

Many people underestimate what it takes to make social media work. Social media is definitely not free. And be patient, it takes time!


PSDNetwork: What?! Social media is not free? Please explain that in a future blog, Natascha. I think that is a common misconception – that your business’ social media is going to be free.  Moving on – what is the one thing a solo entrepreneur can do today to be more time efficient with her marketing?

Thomson: Prioritize. 

To prioritize, she has to be crystal clear on her goals and brave enough to make hard decisions. The biggest mistake is trying to do it all. For example, who is your main target audience? The correct answer cannot be: “Anybody who wants to buy my product or service”.

Know what needs to be done first and allocate your resources accordingly.


PSDNetwork: Where should an entrepreneur begin with social media? What are the first steps she should take to develop a social media strategy?

The answer to this question and the full interview can be found on PSDNetwork, along with the following blog posts:

  • Social Media Marketing Part 1: Start with Clear Objectives
  • Part 2: Know Your Audience
  • Part 3: HOW to Know Your Audience (coming up)


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3 Responses

  1. Heather Boggini says:

    We are honored to have Natascha as our resident social media expert. Welcome aboard @NaThomson!

    PSDNetwork needed a social media blogger who understands the entrepreneur’s strengths, limitations and mindset. That person also needed to be relatable and realistic. Natascha fits the bill and then some.

    Look for her upcoming posts on PSDNetwork for practical social media tips for startups.

  2. Shemika says:

    interesting blog. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more like this from you soon.


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