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Natascha Thomson
Natascha Thomson is the CEO of MarketingXLerator and brings over 20 years of experience to her Silicon Valley consulting practice.
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In my Fundamentals of Social Media class at UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley, we recently covered Pinterest and Instagram, on an introductory level.

Getting started can be overwhelming, and it’s important to go into each social media channel well-informed, as there are always opportunity costs.


My deck gives you enough information to know if Instagram and Pinterest are right for you personally and/or your business, and to get a good understanding of what’s possible. Did you know that Pinterest now offers a shopping cart?


For each channel, I provide a few examples and best practices, as well as ways to measure success.

Picture source: via Flickr. 

Students and clients often ask me, why they would use Pinterest vs. Instagram, especially as Instagram has a much larger user base.

The Answer: Know Your Target Audience. Sometimes niche networks get you the best ROI.

The deck below presents detailed statistics on both social channels, as well as insights on how they can be used for organic and paid engagement on Pinterest and Instagram:

Many of the numbers speak for themselves, if you want a deeper interpretation, you’ll have to take my class :-).

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One thought on “Should You Be Marketing on Pinterest or Instagram?

  1. I’d say Yes if you have a visually appealing product. Not so much a place for consultants unless the results of what you do are visual. It’s all about the eye candy.

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