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Natascha Thomson
Natascha Thomson is the CEO of MarketingXLerator and brings over 20 years of experience to her Silicon Valley consulting practice.
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A yearly highlight for me, the latest update of the Pew Research Center report on the social media usage of people living in the USA was just published: Social Media Update 2016.

And while I can’t take any credit for it, I find it important to share it with you, especially if you work in marketing or communications, as it includes, as Pew Research puts “Numbers, facts and trends shaping the world”.

Here only two charts that sum up some of the findings:

Find many more numbers in the insightful report, which you can also download as a PDF for free.

The top social media channels in 2016. Chart.




Find the full report here.

And thanks Pew Research for your service to the public.