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Natascha Thomson

In this blog, Natascha Thomson, author of 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing, shares social media news and insights from her consulting practice.

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Do you work in social media and always look for good reports to guide your strategy?

We Are Social has once again created a digital yearbook that provides key digital statistics for countries around the world.

It’s my favorite report of the year (I also love the Pew Research Reports on social media), authored by the amazing Simon Kemp.

Here it is, the Digital in 2017 Global Overview by WeAreSocial Singapore and Hootsuite:

And if data for the whole world is more than you need, here is the North America version of the report:

I’ve been using these statistics heavily for my social media class at UCSC Silicon Valley and, of course, in my work for my clients.

This year, by partnering with Hootsuite, the report includes additional information on trends in digital:

I hope you find that this report informs your work as much as mine! Facts matter.

A huge THANK YOU to Simon Kemp whom you can follow on Twitter @eskimon.

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