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The Best Social Media Platforms for B2B

September 5th, 2013 2 Comments

Question on AMEX Open Forum

I recently conducted a survey on the best social media platforms for B2B on AMEX Open Forum. As LinkedIn got rid of Answers, this is a really good place to communicate about marketing, social media and business.  Think of AMEX Open Forum as the marriage of a good LinkedIn Group and Quora. 

There used to be a focus on small business but it seems that The New Open Forum is targeted at entrepreneurs in general; plus, there is now an area dedicated to social media.

What are your favorite social media platforms for B2B?

Gracie Morgan Social Media Account Manager, Majestic Social Media

Believe it or not, Pinterest has done wonders for some of my B2B clients. The majority of people that I’ve spoken with think of Pinterest as a girly dreamland full of make believes and must haves, but the referral traffic is where the real value of Pinterest lies. Of course you can’t just throw up plain or unrelated pictures and expect to see results, but with a proper boards strategy developed with your target markets in mind you can see some real success.

For B2B’s in the home improvement industry, the new social site Houzz ( offers robust features dedicated to helping promote brand awareness, increase sales, and most of all – foster creativity. Definitely take a look, (even if its just to get your own ideas)!


Greg Shuey Digital Marketing Strategist, Independent Consultant

B2B… LinkedIn and Quora

Other than that, I’ve found that hanging out in niche forums and communities is a better source of leads and relationships.


Angela Rodriguez Employee N.011, FiveStars

Google+ and Linkedin have some really great communities for B2B, but be sure to follow the rules/guidelines of the community to a T or the groups’ moderators will not post or delete your content. Speaking from experience, haha whoops!


Simon Tam Author, Simon Tam

I always recommend the same thing: use the platforms that your clients or customers are using. The very best channels are the ones with your target audience. For me, I use Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, G+, Yelp, FourSquare, TED boards, Amazon, and a few others (depends on who I am representing).


Gwen Morrison CEO | Social Media Strategist, Endurance Marketing

I always tell my clients–both B2B and B2C–that the best place to spend their time building social media is wherever their target audience is hanging out. Begin with a plan. For us – and we’re B2B – we’ve had a lot of success growing our community on Twitter and LinkedIn. I would also add, if you create great content, and share it — your audience will find you. Start there. Listen — and then be sure you have something to say before you launch into any social media marketing.


Here some related discussion on AMEX Open Forum:

  • What is most important to your business when it comes to hiring a social media company?
  • What is one thing you wish you knew when you started your business?

Find more social media marketing and strategy advice on my blog at MarketingXLerator.

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2 Responses

  1. JC Giraldo says:

    Nice Post Natscha
    All are good, depends,on the use that we want to give.
    Quora for me is very good, we ask a question, and leads immediately to topic we are looking.
    And Twitter to me is an excellent source of information and networking “online”.
    About Yelp and Foursquare, I think that users identify more with restaurants, and entertainment venues.
    Well and you know, Amazon and Ebay, they have a niche market, very punctual..
    Have a great Weekend !
    JC Giraldo

  2. Natascha says:


    thanks for adding your own channels to the discussion.

    I love Quora also; amazing the people who sometimes respond. The other day I saw Aston Kutcher respond about a question on the movie “Jobs” and last year I saw Steven Fry comment.

    Having said that, sometimes I don’t get any responses to very specific marketing questions, then I think LI or AMEX might be better. I guess, niche communities is the word.

    Do you use Yelp & Foursquare? I don’t like Yelp for their business practices but realize it’s important for businesses. And I got off Foursquare when I was not sure anymore WHY I was checking into places :).

    Are there any Spanish speaking platforms that you recommend for B2B?



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