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[Video] Examples of #LinkedIn Success Metrics

March 24th, 2014 No Comments

How do you measure success with LinkedIn?

In this Google Hangout on Air, Kristina Jaramillo explains how to measure the success of your LinkedIn engagement.

Kristina Jaramillo of is a New York Times recognized LinkedIn expert who runs her own

Examples of LinkedIn Success Metrics from Kristina:

  1. Increased web and blog traffic by 20% (1 client by 60%) by starting conversations & engaging in groups
  2. Increased email subscriber list by 15%
  3. Another option is to track “off-line” traffic, that is requests of connections from LinkedIn to have direct meetings with you
  4. Last, Kristina herself made a contact with a Forbes write via LI who asked her to write an article (qualitative)

Bonus Tip: Don’t send generic LI invites. Target them. Example: If you are in the same group as another person, reference that in your connection request.

Watch the full video to get real world examples for each tip.

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  • Here a video blog from an interview that Kristina conducted with me on: How to create results with Social Media Marketing.

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