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Today, I came across this great blog by Gary Schirr, Professor at Radford University on LinkedIn:

“Thou Shalt Not Tweet Thy Breakfast: The ELEVEN Commandments of #Social #Media #Marketing”.

As these commandments are so spot on, I decided to share them with you here.

In the comment section, somebody suggested to print them and hang them on your wall. Seems fair to me.

Thou Shalt Not Tweet Thy Breakfast: The ELEVEN Commandments of #Social #Media #Marketing

Gary Shirr, Professor at Radford University

Thou shalt:

  1. Know thy target audience and community.
  2. Know thy organizational culture and voice. Speak to your audience in your voice.
  3. Listen. If you do nothing else, listen to what people are saying about your organization, products or services, competitors and environment.
  4. Be social. It is called SOCIAL media: Engage your community.
  5. Be patient but measure results! Progress takes time but must be monitored.
  6. Not attempt to be on every platform. Be on the social platforms that your target audience or community use most.
  7. Be authentic 24/7/52.
  8. Show thy passion. Involve your stakeholders emotionally.
  9. Be consistent with message, principles and tone.
  10. Produce great targeted content.
  11. Use good manners. If you are angry delay your post or tweet and read it again before posting.

Please visit Gary’s original post, if you’d like to suggest additional commandments or comment.

Follow Gary on Twitter at @ProfessorGary, he posts great stuff.

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