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OnDemand: Community Engagement is Not a Goal in Itself

September 18th, 2014 No Comments

For the BrightTalk B2B Marketing Summit, I got “the band back together” (as the Blues Brothers would say) to record a session on online community engagement best practices. It was a very educational experience to have three Silicon Valley marketing veterans share their wealth of experience: practice not theory!

“The band” in this case consists of some of the brightest mind in social media and marketing:

  • Maria Poveromo, Sr. Director AR/PR & Social Media, Adobe > @MariaPoveromo
  • Jeanette Gibson, VP Customer Success & Community, Hootsuite > @JeanetteG
  • Petra Neiger, Sr. Director, Integrated Marketing, Polycom > @Petra1400

Panel Community Shakeup14

  • And  as the Moderator: Moi = Natascha Thomson, CEO MarketingXLerator >@NaThomson

Listen to the Recording Now.

What We Discussed:

As a marketer, your end goal is to help your company sell more products and services. To reach this goal, you are tasked to influence the market.

  • Social media marketing is neither a past time nor should it be a loss item. To do your job, you have to be clear on your goals and then strategically plan their execution.
  • Community engagement is not a goal in itself  but part of a strategy that supports your business goals, whether that is to create loyalty, save money or create revenue.

We talked about how to do exactly that!

BrightTalk Community Engagement Panel

Listen to the Recording Now.

Our group also had the pleasure to meet in Atlanta at the Social Shakeup Conference 2014 to discuss the same topic on a live panel. With mostly audience questions to respond to, the panel learned as much as the audience. We hope you get something out of it.

Enjoy and we’d like to hear from you via Twitter. Listen now.

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