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Us Yerdlers are packaging experts. We don’t just reuse consumer goods, we also #reuse packaging. You can become an expert too!

As a very active Yerdler (think #Y4Y), I send a lot of packages. Buying new packaging for every Yerdle you send can get pricey but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can #repurpose almost anything in your house to make a package.

Get inspired by Yerdle’s mission and create your own unique packaging from household goods. Not only are you saving money, you’re saving precious natural resources too.

What items can make good packaging?

– Newspapers

– Cereal box

– Junk mail

– Old t-shirts

– Toilet Paper rolls

– Shoe Box

– Cat food box 😛

A lot of Yerdlers send packages with clear UPS shipping label sleeves. I asked my UPS store for clear labels and they gave me a few, but said I had to order them via my own UPS account. I learned that anybody can open and account and get clear label sleeves shipped to them for free. I have not done it yet but it’s on my list when I run out of the label sleeves.

What’s better than using a new label sleeve? Re-using the one that came on your box!


Here are the 5 simple steps to reusing a package with a sleeve:

  1. Use a pair of sharp scissors or a knife
  2. Carefully open the sticker at the top or bottom with a clean incision
  3. Pull out the old label and insert your new one
  4. Seal up the shipment with either tape or a stapler
  5. Repeat 


Another creative packaging idea to consider:

A homemade small paper envelope. Somebody sent this to me, and as this is one of my favorite pastimes now, I analyzed the technique carefully. Pretty much, the person simply glued together their own envelope out of some thick paper. Nice. 

Side note: not sure what I will do when I run out of packaging tape. Maybe someone will Yerdle some to me? 🙂


The Cadillac of Packaging

Yerdle packages have character. I loved receiving Amazon boxes when I still shopped commercially, but it never gave me the same joy as a Yerdle package. Yerdle packages all look different and each tells their own story. You never know 100% what you will find. If you will love or hate it. If it will fit or not. Or if there is something unexpected included, like a bonus gift or personal note.

This has been my favorite note so far: 

I have to admit that I am more the type of efficient and quick shipper. I ship a lot and have a full time job, so something’s gotta give. I used to put in little notes but if I have to pick between getting it out the door or getting fancy, I am getting that puppy out the road and onto the next UPS van.

But, there are people who do an AMAZING job at packaging, sometimes you can call it art.

Rachel Barge at Yerdle was so kind to share some pictures of the most unusual Yerdle packages with me for this blog: And they pretty much speak for themselves.



I think for most Yerdlers, reusing packaging is a a way to save money. It is for me. Boxes and envelopes are quite pricey at the store, not that I get to go to stores during my Y4Y Yerdle only year.  Last but not least, reusing packaging is a good way to reduce waste. And reuse is what, in my book, the Yerdle spirit is all about.

What is the Yerdle Spirit you ask? Stay tuned for next weeks post on what the Yerdle spirit is and how it affects each and every Yerdler differently.

Happy Yerdling!

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