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Natascha Thomson

In this blog, Natascha Thomson, author of 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing, shares social media news and insights from her consulting practice.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must in the digital age, how else can your company and products be discovered by new clients?

But increased search traffic by itself is not an end goal. It needs to convert into bigger sales and less spending, exactly what you as the CMO are tasked to achieve.

  • Many companies spend a large part of their budgets on PPC. Can organic SEO be a better investment than PPC?  How to make it happen?
  • Are you ready for the mobile and App revolution? SEO is no longer limited to website optimization, so how can your organization stay competitive in the inbound marketing race?
  • Why Social Media isn’t SEO.

This webinar will explain what the modern CMO needs to know about SEO to stay competitive and where SEO fits in the organization.

Key Take-Aways Include:

  • How to make the most out of SEO for your organization.
  • How to increase sales and decrease cost with SEO.
  • Do you need to have an App?
  • Organic SEO vs. PPC – how should you allocate your budget?
  • Why you can’t forget about customer support when it comes to SE

Watch the BrightTalk OnDemand recording NOW.

The Panel:

Chris Raulf, Founder, Boulder SEO Marketing: Chris’ international background makes him one of the few professionals in the industry who truly live and breath international and multilingual search engine optimization on a daily basis.

Steven Zielke, Founder & CEO of Blappsta: Steven co-hosts “ROCK the BLOG“, one of the largest blogger conferences worldwide, which takes place in Germany.

Michael Brito, Group Director, WCG: A frequent guest lecturer at various universities including Cal Berkeley, Stanford University, Syracuse University and more.

Panel Moderator:

Natascha Thomson, CEO, MarketingXLerator, co-author of 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing; Adjunct Instructor for Advanced Social Media at UCSC Extension Silicon Valley.

Watch the BrightTalk OnDemand recording NOW.

Twitter Highlights:

  1. Natascha Thomson@NaThomsonHow to Increase Sales and Decrease Cost with SEO – live now! #brighttalkCMO  
  2. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO @Britopian @swisschris & @steven_zielke talk about what SEO means: more than just being found – integral part of marketing8 HOURS AGO
  3. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO How can SEO increase search traffic by 300%? Starts with a “healthy” website, the right keywords, meta tags & off-page opted8 HOURS AGO
  4. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO Keyword research is key – can take days. Help Google understand who you want to reach. @swisschris8 HOURS AGO
  5. Steven Zielke@steven_zielke#brighttalkCMO @steven_zielke @Britopian #CMO #SEO Virtual Roundtable | If a CMO wants to invest in SEO – ask  @swisschris7 HOURS AGO
  6. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO @Britopian #seo great for support, awareness and best in B2C as easier to attribute than in B2B8 HOURS AGO
  7. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO @Britopian says Customer Support is a powerful tool to gather answers that can be discovered via search. Enable public Q&A7 HOURS AGO
  8. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO @swisschris outlines in detail what makes a good meta tag. Tune into the webinar to find out 🙂7 HOURS AGO
  9. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO @steven_zielke of @blappsta: mobile SEO – deep linking means search result can be opened from within the app.8 HOURS AGO
  10. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO Trust in Google paid search has increased. If you are low on resources – invest in paid, optimize site & scale PPC back8 HOURS AGO
  11. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO Start with 3-6 months of PPC, then scale it back and invest in SEO8 HOURS AGO
  12. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO How to allocate your CMO budget? @Britopian Tools can help forecast results. Don’t just invest in traditional media. #mix7 HOURS AGO
  13. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO @Britopian Paid search is absolutely necessary. Organic success is great but harder to scale. Organic more trusted & clicks.8 HOURS AGO
  14. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO @swisschris I believe in organic SEO. PPC is needed but expensive. Don’t just think Google Adwords; think social media +8 HOURS AGO
  15. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO Do you need an App now for SEO? Audience uses different channels – App is one. Interested web readers convert to app users8 HOURS AGO
  16. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO App indexing makes searching & finding a lot more natural. @steven_zielke8 HOURS AGO
  17. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO Apps won’t create as much traffic as a website but you can create ongoing loyalty & engagement. @steven_zielke8 HOURS AGO
  18. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO @steven_zielke Measuring ROI for apps is easy via Google Analytics & simply by tracking app activity #AppEasierToTrack8 HOURS AGO
  19. Chris Raulf | SEO@swisschris#brighttalkCMO @Britopian @swisschris #CMO #SEO Virtual Roundtable | Do you need an app these days? | Ask @steven_zielke7 HOURS AGO
  20. Chris Raulf | SEO@swisschris#brighttalkCMO @Britopian @swisschris & @steven_zielke #CMO#SEO Virtual Roundtable | Make sure to track and measure the success of SEO!8 HOURS AGO
  21. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO @swisschris says attribution of SEO is easy – most companies just have not invested enough in the right tools. Track!8 HOURS AGO
  22. Chris Raulf | SEO@swisschris#brighttalkCMO @Britopian @swisschris & @steven_zielke #CMO#SEO Virtual Roundtable | Where should SEO reside? In Marketing, IT, PR, HR… ?8 HOURS AGO
  23. Natascha Thomson@NaThomson#brighttalkCMO @Britopian: often IT involved with SEO – but SEO team needed that is clearly aligned with PR, marketing content, advertising8 HOURS AGO

Watch the BrightTalk OnDemand recording NOW.

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