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#SocialSelling: How To Reach Your Quota

February 2nd, 2016 No Comments

This blog is another part in an interview series with social selling experts.

This time, I spoke with the talented Jasmine Sandler, a global keynote speaker, consultant and trainer on B2B Social Media Marketing Strategies, LinkedIn Selling, SEO and Online Branding for Key Executives.

According to the Pew Research Center, 65% of Americans now use social media. That’s nearly two-thirds of the population. So, how can sales people leverage social media to reach their quotas?


How do you define the buzz term “Social Selling”?

How Sales teams need to bridge social media marketing to drive qualified leads.

Who can benefit most from Social Selling?

B2B Sales organizations and B2C companies.

Is Social Selling now mandatory for a company to stay competitive? What if you don’t have the resources?

Yes it is. Build them, train them or hire them.

Can you talk about some of your customers and what benefits they have derived from social selling?

 I have had both B2C Consumer Packaged Goods (CPT) companies as well as large B2B companies sell appropriately with social.

  • On the B2C side, they were able to make their customers aware of new products and build loyalty as well as identify new audiences. 
  • On the B2B side, they were able to understand how to speak to their target audience online in such a way as to build a relationship, nurture and support them to drive offline calls and meetings, leading to sales.

How does social selling play with social media marketing? Who does what?

 Excellent question. In the world of social media marketing, both sales teams and marketing teams need to work together.

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In this case, which is where I spend most of my time working with clients, the social marketing strategy needs to define and call out content that serves and engages the audience and that content needs to be utilized across the internal sales organization.

“The job of the sales person in social media is to create a unique, individual position of strength as an educator and a valuable resource.”

Finally that person also needs to communicate to his or her marketing team on insights he or she gains from the delivery of their individual content and the marketing team then needs to measure, discuss and optimize ongoing branded company content with the sales teams. 

 I always recommend my client sales and marketing heads work together in terms of using social media to drive business – it is critical today.

How do companies find the content that keeps the social selling wheels spinning?

This requires a content marketing plan.


The content that aligns and excites their target audience and their overall social ecosystem is what is required. This isn’t a one-time thing, but an everyday task that starts with real due diligence, surveys and a detailed plan, by theme, category, keyword, topic, tag and author. 

 Further, content type and frequency are crucial to the planning and delivery. Content distribution must then be measured, managed and optimized for effectiveness, interest and quality.

 Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

This upcoming webinar is a must attend!

  • Feb 24: Social Selling in 2016 – A Virtual Roundtable Expert Discussion

The event is hosted by Chris Raulf of Boulder SEO Marketing and also features, Julio ViskovichVP Marketing at rFactr, as well as Jasmine and Yours Truly.



About Jasmine Sandler

With over 15 years’ of Senior-level B2B client Digital Marketing Consulting and CEO experience at her own Digital Agency, Jasmine has been awarded: an Internet Marketing industry Top 40 Digital Marketing Strategist (2012, 2013, 2014); Top SEO Influencer on Twitter (2014) and Top Content Marketer (2014).

She is the CEO of Agent-cy Online Marketing and creator of multiple Digital Marketing training programs for B2B Sales and Marketing teams. Connect at @Jasmine_Sandler.


Jasmine, thank you for your time and I’d like to add that it always strikes me how women tend to give much shorter answers than our male counterparts. No judgment, just an observation. :-)

REGISTER Here for the webinar!

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