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If You Want to Succeed with Email, Send Less

February 11th, 2016 No Comments

If you want to learn how you can improve your email marketing by sending the smallest number of emails, don’t miss this BrightTalk webinar on February 16, 2016 at 9 AM PT: If You Want To Succeed with Email – Send Less.

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If you listen to people talk, it seems pretty obvious that everybody hates email.

But do they really?

Turns out that recent statistics do not support this myth. People hate bad email. But they like (and respond to) email that is timely, relevant and valuable.

According to eConsultancy’s Email Marketing Industry Census 2015, 74% of companies surveyed consider email one of the best channels to deliver ROI.

But shouldn’t modern marketers focus on social media and mobile marketing?

According to McKinsey it’s a mistake to ignore email:

“Email remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined”.

So how do you get most out of your email marketing efforts?

This webinar brings together a panel of Silicon Valley marketing veterans who will share strategies and best practices to make you a better email marketer in B2B and B2C. Register here.

The Panel:

Paula Morris, @PMorris_99

Head of Campaign Management EMEA, Polycom

Cindy Garcia

Director Modern Marketing Best Practices, Oracle

Shino Tanaka, @ShinoTanaka

Director Communications & Community Engagement, Madison Reed

Peter Tait

Founder, @Customer Engines

Panel Moderator:

Natascha Thomson, CEO, MarketingXLerator; Social Business Consultant


Learn how you can improve your own email marketing programs by sending the smallest number of emails, with the greatest impact.

At the end of the webinar, you will understand how to:

  • Send emails that your customers anticipate and value
  • Achieve high email open rates and conversions
  • Successfully integrate email and social media
  • Build long-term customer relationships
  • Have your customers seek your guidance on their journey through the buyer cycle

Register here to reserve your seat.

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