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Skweezer Review 2023: Are They Safe To Use? Is It Legit ?

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Are you looking for the best and safest ways to grow your Instagram following? Do you think using an Instagram growth service is worthwhile? Using social media effectively is essential for many successful businesses. If you’re having trouble growing your Instagram following and engagement, a third-party service like Skweezer could be the right solution.

When you use Skweezer, working out the best way to raise brand recognition might be much simpler than strategizing a costly and long marketing plan. So that you can decide in this Skweezer review if is the right choice for you, I’ll share my detailed review of the website.

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Skweezer: What is it?

If you don’t have time to go through this lengthy review, I’ve included a summary below. However, I do encourage that you return and read this article thoroughly so that you have a better knowledge of what Skweezer can achieve for you:

It provides instant engagementInstagram could delete some of the followers.
Boost your Instagram account right away
For long-term, sustainable growth, it is not appropriate.
Affordable pricesRegarding their Instagram verification service, not much is known.
Real followers
Reputable website
There is no need for your password
24/7 customer support
Rapid delivery

The social media growth startup called Skweezer provides Instagram accounts with automatic Instagram likes, real interaction, and real followers. The Hong Kong-based company that provides this third-party growth service launched it in 2003.

They provide their customers with Instagram followers and views to broaden their audience and get real engagement. What approach do they use? By presenting your account to those who are interested in watching that particular category of content, these real people will engage with your profile and content.

a screenshot of skweezer homepage

The interface and design of Skweezer seem to be simple. When you visit their website, it is immediately clear what services they offer to clients and what goals they could help. They list their 5-star rating, detail the many packages you may choose from, and provide delivery estimates.

To explain the means by which they achieve their objectives, they share in a direct and easy-to-understand manner. The top menu bar clearly states “Buy Instagram Views,” “Buy Instagram Likes,” and “Buy Instagram Followers.”

Skweezer’s profile suggests that they are rather open about the services they provide and how they carry them out.

But do they actually deliver on their promises? Let’s discuss the specifics and features of the platform.

Guide to Using Skweezer

It is very easy to use their services, I’ve outlined each stage of the sign-up process in detail.

  1. Check out Skweezer.net.
  2. An orange button that says “Get Started Today” and a brief explanation of their service are the first things you will encounter on the page.
  3. You will be sent to a website with a list of packages when you click “Get Started Today.”
  4. Select the package of your choice.
  5. I pick the package for followers. If you choose the follower option, the website will direct you to a new page that lists various prices and Instagram followers for each follower package.
  6. Choose the package you desire.
  7. Include your payment method and some personal details.
  8. You’ll have more followers already!

How Does Skweezer Work?

According to its website, Skweezer delivers engaged, real followers and follows basic guidelines. Clients of the company get access to a huge user base. For loyal customers who provide these engagement points, users get a portion of the sales.

The following services are provided by the company:

  • Instagram Blue Badge Service
  • Instant Delivery
  • Real Followers, Views, and Engagement

The other services they provide are clear and easy to use, but the Instagram Blue Badge verification service seems a little odd. How do they manage to give the Instagram account verification blue tick? Since only elements related to Instagram’s policies influence that (requirements that make you eligible for a blue tick), the workings of this feature are currently not entirely clear to me.

Skweezer’s Top Features

I’ve briefly covered Skweezer’s features, let’s now explore each of its qualities in more detail.

Buy Automatic Instagram Likes

With the Skweezer service, you can receive instant likes on the pictures and videos you select.

When you buy likes for 30 to 60 posts, you will receive an amount of 100 to 1000 likes for each post. It simply depends on your needs for your profile.

Keep in mind that your likes come in quickly, so you should buy a few or distribute them across numerous posts to avoid Instagram’s suspicion.

Buy Instagram Followers

The website provides its clients with real, active followers. The site pays such followers to follow you, so they’re not bots.

Active users will comment on, like, and see your content. It’s entirely up to you whether or not others comments on your posts.

On Skweezer, there are two ways to grow your following. “High-quality” and “Premium” followers. High-quality Instagram users have a profile picture and have posts on their profiles. The Premium Instagram followers bundle comes with the most engaged followers.

If you’re on a tight budget but need some followers to kickstart the journey of your Instagram account, Skweezer followers are a great place to start.

Buy Instagram Views

Views are one of several Instagram-related services provided by Skweezer. Their views packages are relatively affordable; I’ll talk about the pricing later. They say they can delivery between 100 to 150k views on your videos.

Remember to buy views that correspond to your following to avoid Instagram’s radars.

Buy Instagram Comments

The commenting feature on Skweezer allows you to get both personalized and random comments on your posts.

Account Verification on Instagram

Given that so many websites give real comments, likes, followers, and views, such services that Skweezer offers as listed above, are allowed. The claim that they provide an Instagram blue tick service, but, seems doubtful. On top of that, there was no justification or explanation of how they planned to carry it out.

The company adds that they will review your account before providing the requested service, though.

Customer Reviews

Verified customer reviews are unquestionably proof of the reliability of any provider. I took a look at their Trustpilot reviews and went into them more in detail. These reviews can serve as a roadmap for your choosing the right company.

a screenshot of skweezer trustpilot reviews

“Great platform to use if you want to grow your account from scratch.” – CryptexTV.

“I love this site because my followers automatically come within the timeframe 10/10 must recommend. This is Bigz btw.” – FNBIGZ.

The Skweezer Trustpilot review page have many more real genuine customer reviews about their features. The majority of reviewers have subscribed to the followers’ service. As a result, it seems to be a reputable platform providing legitimate services.

Prices and Packages for Skweezer

The platform provides a wide range of services, and you can choose between several packages for each service.

Instagram Followers

For 250 to 15k Instagram followers, a high-quality follower package costs $2.49 to $54.99, respectively. Its premium follower packages for 500 to 5k followers range from $8.99 to $47.99.

a screenshot of skweezer followers prices

Instagram Likes

A package of 50 to 100k Instagram likes can be purchased for $0.99 to $174.99.

a screenshot of skweezer likes prices

Instagram Views

Whether you should purchase views depends on your needs and budget. The Skweezer views are priced from $0.9 for 100 to $139.99 for 150,000.

a screenshot of skweezer views prices

Instagram Comments

Comments packages are available for purchase, with prices ranging from $1.79 for 30 comments to $389.29 for 10,000 words.

a screenshot of skweezer comments prices

Thanks to the variety of prices for each feature, it’s simple to choose a package that satisfies your needs for buying followers, likes, etc. You may also choose a package based on your budget.

Is Skweezer Safe?

Skweezer is secure to use if you follow the website’s terms of service. By using Skweezer, you may quickly grow your Instagram followers and likes. It is safe and effective to use them to grow your Instagram following and likes.

Skweezer provides an HTTPS secure website, which ensures the security of your data. It is a simple platform that delivers effective results. You don’t have to share private information on the website, not even your Instagram login information. You shouldn’t be concerned about a hacked account as a result.

Skweezer Review: Final Verdict

I covered every aspect of their service. For you to better understand their service, let’s quickly go through its pros and cons.

It provides instant engagementInstagram could delete some of the followers.
Boost your Instagram account right away
For long-term, sustainable growth, it is not appropriate.
Affordable pricesRegarding their Instagram verification service, not much is known.
Real followers
Reputable website
There is no need for your password
24/7 customer support
Rapid delivery

I endorse the Skweezer website after reviewing every service they provide and their Trustpilot review. Except for the Instagram account verification, which has received few favorable reviews and is still mostly a mystery, their Instagram growth service is legitimate.

The followers are real people, and there is also strong, real engagement.

If you want to give your Instagram account a rapid boost, this service is suitable for you. However, I advise not relying on such a service indefinitely. Instead, try to offer high-quality content in your area of expertise to maintain organic Instagram growth.

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