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Is Instapromote Worth It? Our Review

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With its promise to provide customers massive Instagram followings within 24 hours, Instapromote is another growth hacking tool to enter the social media industry. Instapromote is a social media marketing tool that makes big promises. But is it really a trustworthy service? Discover the reasons why people are not convinced of Instapromote’s effectiveness.

Instagram is one of the most challenging social media platforms to master in terms of social media marketing. On social media, there is more competition than ever, making it difficult for users to build significant followings and reach their target audiences.

You may and should focus on the positive side, which in this case is a service called Skweezer that will help you acquire more followers on Instagram. There are several methods in which this service provider may assist you with your Instagram presence. Maybe you're still not sold. It's all good; I've written a review, and it's right here.

Growing their Instagram followings and becoming well-known are common goals for influencers and companies. Even so, it’s difficult to pull off, especially as more and more influencers and corporations utilize cunning marketing to break into the Instagram market. In this case, a growth hacking tool could be helpful.

By being aware of the warning indications of various Instagram growth services, you may prevent squandering time and money on risky investments in the future. We suggest staying away from any service that makes seductive claims. A different growth hacking program called Instapromote promises to deliver users high-quality Instagram growth. But the reality of how it works is a different story.

Here are a few options to think about if you’re looking for possible replacements:

Growth ServicesAverage RatingPrice
Skweezer4.81Check Price
Gramfuel4.4Check Price
Hootview4.3Check Price
Table View4.1Check Price

Instapromote: What Does it Do?

Instapromote is a growth hacking tool that offers personalized services and Instagram interaction features like followers and likes. They describe themselves as a team of social media experts who daily provide Instagram solutions to over 10,000 users.

instapromote review

Instapromote promises that followers and likes are provided within an hour of an order being placed and that its marketing reach includes thousands of new visits each week. The main goal of this service is to broaden your business’s web visibility on Instagram.

Instapromote claims that they only amass the highest caliber fans on the internet, yet they don’t explain how they can make such a claim or grow their network of admirers for you. They claim that the collective experience of their staff of marketing experts exceeds ten years.

The company also claims to have 100,000+ satisfied customers. They guarantee that your account is secure with them since they never violate Instagram’s policies. When you read on, you’ll realize that this promise doesn’t seem legitimate.

Instapromote Services & Packages

You can choose different packages, from small injections of likes, to huge counts of followers. Each of these packages have different price points. 


Instapromote guarantees to send customers quick followers within 24 hours of their purchase. They range from $2.95 for entry-level packages that come with 100 Instagram followers to $39.95 for a VIP plan that comes with 5000 followers.

instapromote followers packages


From $2.95 for the entry-level plan that provides you 100 Instagram likes to $35.95 for the VIP package that gives you 5000 likes, Instapromote Likes Packages are priced competitively.

instapromote likes packages


They claim that you can get anything from 500 genuine profile views for $1.95 to 50,000 real profile views for $74.95, depending on the Instagram views package you choose.

instapromote views packages

Are There Any Reviews for Instapromote?

We learn about the actual experiences of persons who have used services like Instapromote through consumer reviews. However, there was a difficulty we ran into when seeking for Instapromote reviews.

Trustpilot Instapromote Reviews

For a business that says it has been operating for more than 10 years, we were unable to find any reviews on Trustpilot. They don’t even have a Trustpilot profile. This is what you see when you search for the service name on Trustpilot (see image below).

instapromote trustpilot page

Instapromote’s profile is not in accordance with Trustpilot’s policies. The following elements might contribute to the suspension of a company’s Trustpilot rating:

  • It’s probable that Instapromote was caught trying to give Trustpilot fake favorable reviews of themselves. They stood the danger of having their profile removed since Trustpilot has a zero-tolerance policy for fake reviews.
  • Even if it’s uncommon, someone may try to write fictitious positive reviews in lieu of the actual company.

The fact that we are unable to obtain genuine Instapromote reviews from actual customers is not good for this company.

Scamadviser Instapromote Reviews

Instapromote has been labeled as a potentially “suspicious website” due to it’s 58% trustscore in Scamadvisor.

instapromote average rating on scamadviser

The following analysis explains why the website received a 58% Trustscore. 

instapromote pros and cons on scamadviser

According to the Scamadviser website, the Instapromote website has a low rating and can potentially be a scam. Scamadviser has outlined the method through which it assigns a company a particular trust rating. It asserts that its system looks at more than 40 distinct data points before giving a company or service a specific score point.

Despite all of that, there are still not enough positive reviews to persuade us that the service is reliable enough to utilize.

Is Instapromote Safe?

The following reasons share why Instapromote doesn’t seem to be a safe service to use.

Suspicious Engagement 

Avoid becoming overly excited when the growth service guarantees quick or rapid delivery. Instant delivery (without any discernible wait time) frequently denotes that the company will send you false followers or will employ unethical methods to raise your profile.

For Instagram, organic growth is essential (and most other social media sites). The followers you buy won’t visit your profile right away and begin following all at once – it’s common sense.

By offering its services instantly, Instapromote seems as if it is risking going against Instagram’s rules of service, endangering your account.

Instagram may erase your followers if it detects an artificial influx of new engagement. But this is the ideal case situation. Quite often, Instagram user accounts that do this have just been straight up banned.

The Prices are High

In terms of pricing, Instapromote fares poorly. Prices for its follower packages appear to be much more than those of similar companies. Not to mention, they have no user reviews to back up whether the money they’ve spent is even worth it.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive method to increase your Instagram following, Instapromote is not the ideal choice for you. We believe that growth services should retain charges that are within realistic limits, given that Instagram is the most widely used social network.

Customer Service isn’t Ideal

If you see a sharp fall in followers or an issue with the service you’ve purchased, you might expect that you should be able to quickly contact their customer care. Instapromote’s primary mode of communication is email, so getting in touch with them right away isn’t exactly straightforward. Additionally, we don’t even know whether Instapromote’s customer care truly answers questions because we can’t discover any client reviews.

Is Instapromote Worth it?

Instapromote’s quality falls short of what they claim.

There are no customer testimonials to help assess whether the company provides real Instagram profile activity and followers and whether it is a safe service. Due to their lacking customer service, difficulty to assess any real reviews, and low Scamadviser rating, this service is most likely a scam.

The only two upsides that we’ve found for the site are that it is certified HTTPS (secure website) and it has a range of payment options for you to choose from. 

NoneThe customer service procedure isn’t ideal
High costs
We can’t find reputable reviews
Instant (and most likely) fake engagement
Clients lose their followers shortly after using the service
Instapromote is banned on Trustpilot.


Any company nowadays needs a solid social media marketing strategy. There are better companies that may help you increase your social media engagement and following, especially on Instagram.

Whether you’re an influencer or running a business that sells goods and services, the more Instagram followers you have, the larger your audience and the more successful your brand will be. Growing your audience is helped when you get interaction boosts; in short, the more followers and engagements you have, the more you will get.

There are better options, as opposed to untrustworthy websites like Instapromote, can surely assist you in safely growing your Instagram profile.

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