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Reviewing Moonio: The New Instagram Collab Tool

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Moonio is a well-known website for establishing collaborations for influencer marketing between businesses and creators. Learn how it works, how to join, and whether utilizing this collaborative tool is beneficial for your business.

Influencer marketing is a social media marketing tactic that is growing to be one of the most effective forms of marketing, with 16.4 billion dollars in revenue in 2022. When a well-known person promotes a product or service on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. they have access to huge audiences that can turn into potential consumers.

However, it is not always easy to find well-known influencers to collaborate with that are super aligned for different brands.

Recently, Moonio, a new social networking site, has drawn a lot of interest. And for good reason— it’s an online platform that encourages collaboration between brands and influencers to produce outstanding outcomes.

Let’s investigate Moonio, the most recent and effective tool for finding influencers and forming business connections on Instagram.

Moonio: What it is & How it Works

To locate influencers and companies to collaborate with, brands and creators use the Moonio platform. The website is free to use for both businesses and individuals. Depending on the products, services, or experiences they provide, businesses provide chances for partnerships that are mutually beneficial. Influencers may then review the available choices and choose their favorites. It’s that easy!

moonio landing page

Looking to close your first Instagram collaboration? Perhaps you’re a company looking to work with influential people to advertise your goods or services. Moonio is a fantastic option for you in any case.

Moonio: It’s Free!

Influencers and brands may use Moonio without having to pay any additional fees or membership charges. The only thing you would actually have to pay for is the partnership fee, which could be in the form of a product provided to the influencers or actual money for the marketing.

On the website, both creators and businesses may simply contact one another to offer collaborative ideas.

Companies, brands, agencies, and sales representatives can benefit from Moonio’s platform for engaging with creators who are receptive to promotion. You may check each creator’s profile, see how well their audience matches your marketing requirements, and then decide after carefully considering all the options.

Three main types of partnerships available on Moonio are brand ambassador searches, collaborations paid in addition to the product or service, and product-only partnerships.

How Brands Can Use Moonio

Using Moonio as a brand is simple. You’ll create an account by signing up. Your email address and Instagram login will be required by the website. Moonio then asks you to confirm your registration by email in order to avoid fraud.

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Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll create your profile and your brand will be active on the site. Your Moonio profile will include the following information:

  • Include a profile photo and a header image
  • State where you are
  • Give a brief description of your company
  • Add your Instagram statistics
  • Include a few tags that characterize your company.

You may begin accepting applications for influencers and contacting them after building your brand profile.

The steps you’ll take to write a proposal are as follows:

  • Name of your opportunity (typically, the product or service)
  • The place where the opportunity is (if there is any physical location)
  • Payment for the partnership
  • The product or service’s classification
  • The requirements for the collab project
  • What characteristics the ideal influencer should have.

The last step is to inform influencers of their financial compensation, including if they will receive a free item, service, or subscription. Fees may or may not be included in the collaboration; this is up to the brand’s choice.

Once you have completed this process, you will begin to receive bids from influencers. Before authorizing the deal straight on the website, you may debate pricing and other details through the chat feature of Moonio.

How Creators Can Use Moonio

The site offers a ton of opportunities for partnerships between brands and influencers. Let’s look at the procedures you will adhere to as a platform influencer. Your email address and Instagram account verification are necessary, just like when registering as a brand.

moonio webpage creator page

However, there are a few requirements you must fulfill in order to sign up as an influencer on the platform:

3,000+ followers on an Instagram public (not private) profile

Your profile’s original, distinctive content has a high degree of engagement.

You also share your Instagram data and engagement rates at Moonio for companies to see the activity on your page.

Businesses may view which other firms you’ve successfully collaborated with in the past on your profile. Choose a project and brand you like, then submit an offer. Verify that you meet all of the brand’s standards.

If the brand accepts bids with fees, you can even request one while submitting your offer. To charge for your materials, simply enter the USD price you wish to charge. After discussing the possibilities with the brand, the collaboration is set after you have received their approval.

Moonio: Key Takeaway

You can find the appropriate influencers for your marketing initiatives more easily with Moonio because of its user-friendly, simple platform. Overall, we believe this tool is fantastic and is a terrific way to find partnerships without having to actively search through Instagram. We definitely suggest it.

Moonio Pros: 

  • It’s free!
  • You can find businesses and creators that are located close by
  • To maintain transparency, information is supplied regarding products and services and collab outcomes and needs
  • It is much simpler to contact influencers and businesses when you are aware of their enthusiasm for collaboration.

Moonio Cons: 

  • You can’t have a private Instagram account; you must have a public one
  • You need to have more than 3,000 followers in order to join up as a creator.

More Influencer Tools For Marketing

Without a doubt, Moonio is an excellent tool for influencer marketing. The platform has a straightforward user interface and is totally free to use.

Below are some other influencer marketing strategies for your consideration.


A content marketing tool that makes it simple to create and share excellent content is the Upfluence app. With Upfluence, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your content, pinpoint influencers, and determine your ROI.

Pros: You may pay influencers and give them goods in exchange for reviews or money on Upfluence’s platform.

Cons: This program’s search engine sometimes produces erroneous results, which is a significant downside. Even if you apply a filter to your search to find influencers in a certain location or industry, influencers from other areas will still appear in the search results.


Instagram influencer profiles may be evaluated for more than 90 different factors, including follower quality, engagement, and ad return, using a valuable analytics tool called TrendHERO. Social media managers and marketers may use the tool to locate influencers with active, pertinent followings.

Pros: The tool is quite cost-effective, and its premium plan is especially cheap.

Cons: This strategy’s main flaw is that it solely leverages information from Instagram influencers. Additionally, it takes some time to download and load reports.


Heepsy, a social media marketing tool, assists businesses and agencies in locating well-known influencers. It enables you to swiftly identify the influencers that will best satisfy your needs. You may find these influencers on Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram, and other websites.

Pros: Thanks to their platform’s ease of use, if you’re new to influencer marketing, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Cons: Since you can’t contact influencers through their website, you’ll need to email or direct message them.

Aspire IQ

Businesses may locate Aspire IQ influencers and persuade them to work together. a one-stop shop for all things influencer marketing-related. This implies that you might hunt for, assess, and run an influencer campaign using their technology.

Pros: The major benefit of connecting your Shopify account with your Aspire lQ account is the opportunity to manage sales and provide presents to influencers.

Cons: The main drawback is the onboarding procedure, which influencers who are not listed must complete. It could be challenging to locate the Aspire IQ login, and the procedure takes time.


A simple, totally free platform called Moonio makes it possible for companies and influencers to connect, communicate, and complete collabs for marketing. It is a platform for influencer marketing that enables you to interact with social media influencers and keep track of the success of your advertising campaigns.

On Moonio, you may find the influencers your business needs fast, and influencers can easily work with the brands of their choosing.

Create a free Moonio account right now to start working on your first Instagram collaboration.

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