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Is DigiSMM Good For Instagram Growth? Our Review

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DigiSMM is yet another Instagram growth service attempting to lure customers in with the promise to help you boost your following and spark engagement. Although it claims to give you all of this, the general consensus has been that it’s a scam site. Is DigiSMM really worth it, or is it one to miss?

When it comes to social media tools and websites, especially those that help you grow your Instagram following, you need to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each service. Without a thorough understanding of these services’ performance and potential value, you risk making choices that harm your brand or impede your growth.

When it comes to social media boosting techniques, you should do extensive website research and get a firm grasp of how it works. You should also consider user opinions and comments to form a well-rounded review.

It is very uncommon from me to recommend another company unless I’ve had the opportunity to try them out and see what is worth for the users. That’s accurately what I’ve attempted with them:

We've found a trustworthy website that offers the same services with far better outcomes. We think Skweezer is a better alternative.While Skweezer and DigiSMM are both tools for growing Instagram, Skweezer is safer, more respectable, and more reliable to subscribe to. You can see what I stated about them and very for yourself in this Skweezer Review

We’ve conducted a thorough investigation of DigiSMM’s services to provide you with an overview of them and determine whether they are beneficial to use.

We’ll explain why we believe that DigiSMM isn’t the best website for increasing your Instagram’s growth. We’ll explain why and let you know what to use instead.

If you’re just interested in services that some people rate as good or better than decent, check out the list below and make your choice:

Growth ServicesAverage RatingPrice
Skweezer4.81Check Price
Gramfuel4.4Check Price
Hootview4.3Check Price
Table View4.1Check Price

DigiSMM: An Overview

DigiSMM is a site that, like every other tool that promotes Instagram growth, helps you increase the functions of Instagram features, including followers, likes, comments, and views. Your goals for brand growth are ultimately why you’re even considering employing a service like DigiSMM.

However, it might be challenging for you to choose one because there are so many companies and websites that provide this kind of growth service.

What makes DigiSMM unique? In a nutshell, not much.

How Safe is DigiSMM?

Reliability and safety are essential while utilizing any website’s services. Given the risks involved in employing social media growth tools, it seems sensible that you’d want to be sure the service you’re getting is reliable.

Our research indicates that after a few days, the “followers” you purchased on DigiSMM start to disappear. Although this is true for many Instagram growth providers, our research shows that a large portion of followers actually vanish.

Know that you can’t seek a refund for having a huge amount of the followers you bought disappearing. When your window of time to receive a refund is complete, that is when most of the followers start to decline. 

Additionally, DigiSMM has a very dismal score of 21 out of 100 on the Scamadviser Trustscore website. What do you think of a website with just a 21 Trustscore?

It’s hard to argue that the website is trustworthy. It gets confusing when you look at other review sites that say the exact opposite; see the illustration below.

a screenshot of an average rating on scamadviser

Some website visitors have reported having a good outcome from the service. However, reviews are only deemed useful when they outweigh the negative ones.

Over time, followers frequently unfollow, as we have described earlier. But for a service you paid for, DigiSMM’s rate of this happening and the diminishing amount of followers are discouraging.

A DigiSMM client named NatCity posted the following feedback on the Trustpilot Review website:

I bought 1k followers just to test everything out. Yes, the followers were awarded immediately, but then the amount of followers I had began to drop that same exact day. If I were you, I wouldn’t waste your time and money on this because it’s a complete scam !!!

How Does it Work?

Although DigiSMM’s operation is simple, the design and functioning of its actual website are rather intricate. It does not make a great first impression for potential customers to have to navigate it and trust that DigiSMM has the expertise to deliver the required quality.

By visiting DigiSMM.com, you may find their website and homepage instantly (you can also simply Google DigiSMM).

a screenshot of digismm current landing page

The services are evident on the top menu bar (Followers, Likes, Views, Comments, Auto Likes).

On the front page of their website, the process that DigiSMM customers follow is described:

  1. You’ll choose the appropriate package from the menu bar alternatives listed above to achieve your objectives.
  2. According to the website, they don’t want private information like your Instagram login details. You must nevertheless provide your Instagram account, email address, and payment details.
  3. Waiting for the website to do its magic and deliver the results you want is the third step listed on their webpage.

Do you really get the results you want, however? We put it to the test ourselves in order to truly evaluate its effectiveness.

It was a bit disappointing to have to wait around thirty minutes before receiving our order of 50 Instagram likes given that they claim speedy delivery. Samantha @Mediagravity also observes the slow delivery from personal experience. Most of his blogs are about shady websites, and we regret to inform you that DigiSMM also did not make the cut (like most websites he reviews).

His assessment of DigiSMM demonstrates how strongly he feels about his decision.

Honestly, we can tell you right now that DigiSMM is nothing more than an Instagram scam.

They claim to be legit, but they’re just trying to sell you fake engagement.

Find a Better Alternative to DigiSMM

It’s crucial to choose an Instagram growth service that offers a better alternative in terms of reliability and security.

Registering with a website whose disadvantages outweigh its benefits is not a good idea. Unfortunately, there are many more negative aspects of DigiSMM services than positive ones.

In reality, via research, we were able to pinpoint just one single positive. Isn’t that a big red flag?

The GoodThe Bad
It’s hosted as HTTPS (it’s safe)There is no risk-free trial offered
You can almost always find negative customer reviews and phony Instagram interactions (which can lead to Instagram disabling your account)
Customer support is lacking.

To discover what customers are saying about DigiSMM, check out Trustpilot Reviews. There will be accusations that users paid a significant amount of money and received little to no contact or followers. Some stories share that they paid a significant amount and received half or even less of what they paid for when the followers quickly disappeared.

a screenshot of a negative review left on Trustpilot digismm page

The Bottom Line

The benefits and drawbacks of DigiSMM have previously been discussed in-depth for your benefit. Analyzing consumer feedback and taking into account what we’ve said about sites like Skweezer as alternatives, it becomes very evident that DigiSMM should be avoided.

There are several websites that are far more trustworthy than DigiSMM. Fundamentally, we agree with other reviewers on this site that DigiSMM shouldn’t be utilized if you’re serious about safe Instagram growth.

You’ve developed the wisdom to avoid DigiSMM by this point. You don’t have to take our word for it; on the Trustpilot Review page, you can read additional user reviews.

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