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Another Instagram growth service, called AppSally, makes the promise that it can give users organic traffic, interactions, virtual help, and much more. But is it genuinely worthwhile to spend money on this service to expand your Instagram? Is it a legitimate Instagram growth platform or just another scam?

4.65 billion people were everyday users of social media in April 2022. This is one of the key causes of the exponential growth of digital marketing.

Due to its low marketing expenses, ability to expose a service or product to a large audience, improvement of brand recognition, and growth in revenue, social and digital marketing has become the new standard for many enterprises.

It can be difficult to manage and create material for social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For this reason, a lot of companies opt to outsource their involvement. While outsourcing work is okay, you must be careful and do your homework before choosing a provider that will work for your company.

If you're searching for a service that falls into the first category I stated, you should look into Skweezer. For anyone interested in learning more about this company and the services they offer, read my Skweezer review to see why this app is regularly recommended.

It might be confusing to know where to begin and which service is truly worthwhile. There are so many options for creating, expanding, and enlisting support for social networking sites.

If you’re looking for more service providers that might be able to match your demands and criteria, I highly recommend checking out the following:

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Skweezer4.81Check Price
Gramfuel4.4Check Price
Hootview4.3Check Price
Table View4.1Check Price

For this reason, we examined the website “AppSally,” which claims to provide your social media pages a boost- specifically Instagram.

AppSally Explained

AppSally is a platform you can use online to manage your social media marketing campaigns, expand your audience and interaction, and use other services for online presence growth.

appsally review

We’re going to dive straight into what we find to be some significant warning signs with the website’s mechanics and the sheer amount of social networking networks they offer their services for. Their lack of specialization is one of the most glaringly obvious points that we believe ultimately leaves customers dissatisfied.

Why are they warning signs? Let’s elaborate.

In general, any reputable service provider will offer services for one or two social networking networks. Oddly, AppSally claims to be able to manage many sizable social media networks. 

When you expand your areas of delivery as a service provider, you aren’t concentrated on a certain area of expertise.

A common rule of thumb is that a service will be of greater quality if it is more specialized and narrowly focused.

screenshot of what users see on appsally when attempting a purchase

As you can see in the image above, they are attempting to broaden their reach to too many social media sites rather than having their services matched with the algorithms of just one or two social media platforms. That’s the first hint that perhaps the site doesn’t live up to its claims. 

Let’s examine how AppSally functions and see if it provides the level of service it’s claiming to.

Key Features of AppSally

AppSally advertises that it offers a wide range of services for various social networking networks. The main features you can select from are listed below.

Organic Traffic

They offer organic traffic to your social media networks. You have the opportunity to attract viewers for your videos, music, app downloads, and more.

Real-Time Traffic

They also provide real-time traffic to broadcasts/streaming. 

Interactions (likes, votes, etc)

The service offers likes, votes, watch times, followers, and other features.


Additionally, users can receive comments, client testimonials, sales made through your website, etc. It’s understandable to want comments on your Instagram, Facebook, etc., but it is unethical to provide phony reviews and purchases (which seems like what this site is offering).

Online Assistance

They offer virtual support to their clients for services including customer service, administrative services, marketing, and more.


You’ll find other services like video creation, graphic design, coaching, copywriting, and more.

The promise of AppSally to deliver it all seems too good to be true. How is it possible for one platform to provide so many different services?

Let’s look deeper at the platform’s functionality.

How AppSally Works

When you first arrive at their website, it features a clear design focused on their offerings. On the menu bar, the website clearly displays all of its services.

The process is as follows, regardless of the service you select.

  1. You choose the service you require. For instance, if you select the social media button, you’ll be sent to a screen where you must select the platform from choices like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  1. You will be redirected to choose your marketing objectives once you have chosen the social media platform. They promise to deliver traffic, engagement, conversions, and others.
  1. After selecting a service, you must enter your platform’s URL.
  1. When you provide the URL of your social media profile, it will prompt you to pick a target interest. To supply an audience interested in that industry, the service providers claim that they want to know what your target interests are.
  1. The site then informs you of the typical price you must pay for the service. You decide whether to spend more or less. You won’t have an idea of price points until you actually go through this process up to this step.
  1. It sends you to checkout once you have decided how much you’ll invest.
  1. You’ll pay the money with your card at the online checkout and wait for the service to be rendered.

Their method has a big drawback; if you’re a new customer, you won’t be able to understand the complete procedure until you’re in the process (especially pricing). Understanding the various stages requires actually using the service. You’re also taking a chance as there is no free trial available.

Their pricing strategy is another problem. Even for the same platform, AppSally doesn’t offer uniform pricing. Let’s dissect AppSally’s perplexing pricing structure.

AppSally Pricing & Packages

The website does not give clear pricing for their services, while some of their packages have rates available. Until you provide them with the URL for the account you want to enhance or administer, you won’t know how much you’re spending.

Consider the scenario where you want to increase Instagram interaction by focusing on users who are interested in the entertainment sector. You will have to pay a different price than someone who chooses to target a business-related audience in that situation.

Yes, the fee varies based on who your target demographic is.

Planning marketing campaigns and setting a budget for a certain platform is becoming more difficult. Before entering your information and beginning the purchasing procedure, you cannot study the costs for a certain service with your specified target audience.

It’s important to note that this isn’t the same for all Instagram and social media growth service providers

AppSally User Reviews

Customer reviews offer insightful criticism regarding a good or service. Many new users apply this feedback to decide whether a service is trustworthy. To find out what other customers had to say about their service, we examined some of the most well-known and reliable customer review websites and what people said about their experience with AppSally.

AppSally Trustpilot Reviews

Sadly, Trustpilot has no customer reviews of AppSally. There are no results for the website on Trustpilot when you search for it. Since “Trustpilot client review” is one of the services that AppSally advertises as selling, we suspect it is because they are offering fake reviews that have resulted in them being banned from having a Trustpilot page.

Because the website offers to sell reviews on a platform like Trustpilot, which forbids sponsored evaluations, we’ve got some serious suspicions about the legitimacy of their entire service.

screenshot of appsally disabled Trustpilot page

By paying people to submit fake reviews, AppSally is attempting to profit from Trustpilot reviews. Trustpilot, which prioritizes the sincerity of its reviews, forbids it.

We generally value businesses that make an effort to be forthright and sincere with their clients. However, in this instance, AppSally’s sale of Trustpilot reviews makes their service even more dubious.

AppSally Smart.Reviews

On, there aren’t many reviews either, but you may read some customer testimonials there. Here’s what some of their former clients had to say.

Alexandre M. claims that she had several delays and received no customer help from AppSally. She ultimately reported the scam to her bank.

screenshot of a visibly unhappy appsally customer who left a review on

AppSally Quora Reviews

Another client who purchased AppSally’s service for their Twitter received bots and empty accounts as a result.

screenshot of appsally customer on quora warning users about it

Although it is well acknowledged that AppSally is a dishonest business, does this necessarily mean that it is a scam? 

The Bottom Line

Here is our ultimate conclusion on AppSally after looking at essentially every page of their website and assessing their service reviews from real customers.

HTTPS secured site
Their offerings are pricey
Big range of services to choose fromThe complexity of their large amounts of offerings makes navigating their service challenging
Customer service seems to be absent
Reviews on Trustpilot have been banned (red flag)
Negative feedback across platforms
No-refund rule
No free trial
You cannot view their service costs unless you submit your social media URL


A marketing campaign’s use of social media platforms has a significant impact on your entire business and brand success. If services are purchased from the appropriate site, you might gain an early increase in followers, engagement, etc. for your social media platforms.

Since many of the functions of AppSally are unclear, we do not advise it to our readers. Additionally, the business provides false client testimonials, casting doubt on the veracity of its own on-site reviews.

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