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Why Muchfollowers Failed: Unbiased Review

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There are always new tools popping up online claiming to help social media users increase engagement and follower numbers. Some of them, like Muchfollowers, make big promises, but later close down as a result of poor service. Find out more about Muchfollowers and the reasons why it was a total ripoff.

Instagram has grown to be a hub of activity for individuals of all ages, whether you use it for personal or professional purposes. For generating leads, increasing revenue and brand awareness, or exhibiting your skills, the platform is essential.

Given the fierce competition and plenty of new businesses, it’s challenging to get successful on Instagram and establish a strong brand identity. As a result, many brands and influencers rely on technology that may provide them a rapid boost in interactions with their profiles and followers.

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Scammers are common since there is such a tremendous need for followers and interaction from outsourcing. Swiftly announced (and then quickly pulled offline), new systems and technologies that claim to outsource followers, likes, and interactions inevitably prove to be another fraud.

To help you save money and put it into a purchase that will pay off, we’ve examined one of these failed services “Muchfollowers.” We can learn a lot from this unreliable Instagram growth tool that claimed to provide actual followers and interaction was swiftly taken down.

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Table View4.1Check Price

Muchfollowers: What Was It?

Muchfollowers, an internet business, claimed to be able to provide a significant amount of Instagram followers, likes, and engagement. According to reviews, their previous website said that they have offered 100000 plus happy customers. 

They claimed to have happy customers and promises of providing dependable service could only continue so long until it finally closed. However, examining a dubious Instagram growth service to see why it was a scam might provide you advice on what to avoid while hunting for a trustworthy source.

How Muchfollowers Worked

It was claimed by Muchfollowers that they could offer quick real followers, likes, and comments. It also promised exceptional quality, quick turnaround times, and first-rate customer service. 

Their typical orders were completed in 24 hours or less, depending on the quantity of the item, and they never requested your password. However, people complained about them and were never happy with their service.

On the one hand, they bragged about speedy shipping, excellent customer service, and other things, yet their terms of service were the exact opposite of what they said.

They didn’t take responsibility if your order arrived late and you didn’t get your money back, and they didn’t make any guarantees about how your subscribers would respond to your uploads. They made no more guarantees after the purchase was filled. They didn’t seem to know exactly how they would do their work or how long it would take, either.

What Did Muchfollowers Cost?

We can no longer access their official website, however sources claim that their costs were far lower than those of competing providers. Unfortunately, Muchfollowers’ advertised prices were too good to be true.

They offered a variety of packages, however their costs for 250 to 50k followers didn’t go beyond $29! How is it feasible for a company to provide that many customers at such a low price? That also generated a warning signal.

a screenshot of the smallest package on muchfollowers

Every plan comes with these four assurances:

  • 100% safe
  • Deliveries that are made the same day
  • No password is necessary
  • 24/7 customer service.

However, the last one was a little deceptive. There was no 24-hour customer assistance available. To contact Muchfollowers, you had to fill out an online form and wait for a response.

Online Reviews of Muchfollowers

Because the service is no longer available, there are also no online reviews. What’s more, there have never been any Muchfollowers reviews on Trustpilot.

screenshot of Muchfollowers closed page on Trustpilot

One of the app’s most concerning facts was the removal of Muchfollowers’ feedback by Trustpilot. The newly created company’s website has been entirely erased, all traces of Trustpilot reviews are gone, and Muchfollowers is nowhere to be found.

Just this alone gives rise to concerns that they may not have been as well-known as they claim and that something is off.

If you visit ScamAdviser and perform a search for Muchfollowers, you can find some unsettling information. The website has a 52% previous trust score and has been rated as unavailable. In addition, nobody was aware of the website’s owner (even still unknown).

screenshot of muchfollowers on scamadviser

Benefits of Muchfollowers

Although the service is no longer available, we have highlighted its benefits and drawbacks to help you distinguish between legitimate services and scams.

The PositiveThe Negative
Prompt deliveryNo customer support was provided
For a small investment, it offered a big followingRefund policy
No content available on Trustpilot
It provided false followers, which usually resulted in an Instagram account being suspended

The Overall Takeaway of Muchfollowers

Muchfollowers was one of the several tools that rose to prominence quickly before going out of business even more quickly. Along with their alluring cost and guarantees of a sizable Instagram fan base, their website has also gone into thin air.

This is an important lesson for any company, brand, or influencer who succumbs to alluring costs and the pressure to quickly amass a sizable following.

We understand the importance of having a sizable following, so if an Instagram growth tool works as advertised, they may be a blessing. While there are now a lot of deceptive tools available, there are also some reliable programs.

The Bottom Line

Although it is much tougher than it initially seems to gain a sizable following, it is still feasible with the aid of an excellent Instagram growth service. Avoid any company that offers to buy you a large number of Instagram followers quickly and cheaply.

There is a good chance that it is a fraud even though it appears tempting. Your Instagram account may also be spammed or blocked.

Given the large number of dubious programs that have flooded the market in recent years, locating a top-notch service that acts as a reliable Instagram growth tool may be difficult.

By reading the analysis of Muchfollowers that was just provided, you can determine which tools are trustworthy and secure to use from those that are scams.

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