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AudienceGain Review: Should You Avoid Them? *Read Now*

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The purpose of AudienceGain is to provide a comprehensive growth solution for social media. For a variety of networks, including Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, and others, it provides followers, likes, and views. But is AudienceGain a trustworthy service? Should you put money into this tool?

Numerous new boosting services are being released regularly in response to the rising social media competition for influencers and companies. People are after more visibility, and using a growth service tool is one way for them to try to stay ahead of the competition (or, at least, attempt to). Learn more from this AudienceGain review.

However, it’s crucial to determine whether you’re dealing with a legitimate firm or one that is simply after your money and doesn’t actually deliver on their promises.

AudienceGain might be familiar to people who have worked in digital marketing or sought out a solution for social media growth. The benefits of adopting its services are boldly stated across the website. But is AudienceGain as legitimate as it makes out for? Find out until the end of this review.

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Having a number of options to choose from is never a bad thing.

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Hootview4.3Check Price
Table View4.1Check Price

Intro to AudienceGain 

Providing users with help on eight distinct social media platforms—Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitch, and Soundcloud—AudienceGain claims to increase your online visibility.

The business guarantees it won’t get you banned from these platforms, while promising to provide you with millions of real followers overnight. For most users, the thought of having millions of followers is quite alluring. But can they really afford to provide what they promise?

On top of “offering excellent services”, AudienceGain, according to their website, also offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee. That’s usually a positive for any business that provides products and services since it inspires more confidence in the client to try out their service “risk-free.”

AudienceGain Explained

Their homepage appears to place a lot of emphasis on their website optimization services, the advantages of having a decent website design, and other related topics. We browsed the website to locate the services for social media, as this article is focused on AudienceGain’s Instagram offerings.

a screenshot from audiencegain website showing their web design service

Unfortunately, it might be difficult to locate their social networking services at first. The only real selection in the menu bar dropdown on their website is “Basic Website Design.”

a screenshot from audiencegain website focusing on their menu displaying two services for web design only

To get to the pages for social media growth, it appears that you must select social media services from the Google search term “solution for content creators.” We couldn’t easily find another way from their actual site – that alone is concerning. Oddly, their social media growth service is difficult to find. 

a screenshot from a simple google search for audiencegain

We don’t believe it’s a good start for a firm that calls itself an SEO expert that will boost your social media presence to confuse the Google algorithm and its users by not having a clear approach to sharing information. Their site design for content providers looks like this.

a screenshot from audiencegain website showing their YouTube monetizing services

You can see that they provide social media growth solutions when you get to this webpage. You may choose from networks like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and others.

Services for YouTube come first on their list of priorities, followed by other social networking sites. However, the tool for Instagram will be the main emphasis of our review.

AudienceGain Packages

This business offers a standard collection of promotions often used to promote your account. Particular care should be used when purchasing Auto Likes in these deals. Likes purchased may be revoked on Instagram, as evidenced by other accounts that have had this happen to them. That’s why it’s important to choose the right Instagram growth service, as it is a risk.

It’s important to note that due to the unprecedented influx of automated likes, numerous Instagram growth services have been shut down. If you have an unusual flood of traffic, your account can be terminated.

These are the services offered by AudienceGain:

Instagram Followers Boost

Users of AudienceGain may choose from three packages: 1000 Instagram followers for $19; 5000 followers for $89; and 10,000 followers for $179.

a screenshot taken from audiencegain website where we can see their instagram followers packages

Typical features of these packages include the following:

  • Organic sales and growth
  • Enticing visitors to follow you
  • 100% secure & assured delivery of up to 100–500 followers every day
  • Get results starting in 24 hours and continuing until 100% delivery.

Increased Instagram Likes

Three bundles are available from AudienceGain for its similar services: A 1000 Instagram likes package costs $19, a 5000 likes package costs $85, and a 10,000 likes package costs $179.

a screenshot taken from audiencegain website where we can see their instagram likes packages

Quick benefits of the Instagram likes bundle is listed below. You’ll receive:

  • High engagement with your content
  • Organic growth and revenue
  • The delivery pace of up to 10,000 per day
  • Start seeing results in an hour with no assurance of a decline in likes.

Automatic Likes

For its automated likes services, AudienceGain provides a variety of packages, ranging from $150 for 1000 Instagram automatic likes on 10 photos, to $900 for 3000 automatic likes on 20 images.

a screenshot taken from audiencegain website where we can see their automatic instagram likes packages

The primary characteristics of its automated likes service are listed below.

  • Organic sales and growth
  • Encourage visitors to interact with your content with a delivery that is 100% safe
  • No drop in like numbers is guaranteed
  • Up to 10,000 likes each day; 15-minute turnaround on results.

How AudienceGain Works 

For the 8 platforms it supports, Audience Gain offers a variety of packages, each of which includes a certain quantity of followers, likes, views, and other metrics.

Selecting a package and placing an order comes first. After you’ve made your decision, the AudienceGain team will review your account, content, audience, popularity, current followers, and engagement.

They claim that this is a necessary step in the process that enables them to submit a profile to the “strategic team.”

According to their website, every campaign is distinct since every user is different. They guarantee to construct an individually personalized plan for you based on the examination of your profile and to give the best social development methods.

Additionally, a schedule will be made by AudienceGain for them to follow. They will monitor your development to make sure it continues in the right direction.

The most crucial element is to determine whether they fulfill the promises they make in their marketing, even when everything seems fantastic in principle. We’ll start by reading reviews written by actual consumers.

AudienceGain Reviews

Always consult outside sources, such as this one, if you have inquiries about a corporation. Sites like Trustpilot allow you to gain a broader perspective on things, because on-site reviews that are displayed by the official website of the service are either paid for, fake, or carefully chosen to only show the positive.

It is evident from their Trustpilot customer ratings that AudienceGain is not living up to the expectations of its clients.

Trustpilot is flooded with unfavorable comments about this company. Because of this, the final score was a very low 1.6 out of 5 stars.

a screenshot showing rating on trustpilot

See the following customer reviews:

a screenshot showing a negative review left on trustpilot by an angry customer on trustpilot warning others not to trust them after the first purchase
a screenshot showing a negative review left on trustpilot by an angry customer on trustpilot warning others not to buy from them

Following were a few common criticisms of AudienceGain:

  • The number of followers starts dropping quickly (something that they claimed would not happen)
  • Low standards for followers (not being real, interactive users tailored specifically to your account as the service claimed they would be)
  • When questioned and contacted, customer service wasn’t responding and offering solutions.
  • The “guaranteed” refunds were not really given out.

AudienceGain Review: Summary

According to AudienceGain, excellent services are available for several platforms, including Instagram. Their Trustpilot reviews, however, tell a different tale. Your profile won’t gain genuine engagement since some of the followers the service sends can be phony, and that’s just one of the issues.

Here is a brief summary of AudienceGain overall:

YouTube channels are the main focusWebsite is not user-friendly; even finding the page for social media services is difficult
Affordable costsTerrible Trustpilot user testimonials
There are several payment options availableUntrue testimonials on their website (or perhaps, reviews that present a very different picture than the bulk of the reviews on third-party review sites)
Bad client service

The internet is flooded with social media growth services, some of which are not quality companies to sign up to. Given that the majority of customer experiences with this firm appear to be unfavorable, we would not advocate using their services for social networking platforms or even any of their other services.

Purchasing followers does not ensure legitimacy, and it is a dangerous investment that necessitates your having faith in the provider you decide to use. Approaching services like this with care is advised.

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