MySocialFollowing Review

MySocialFollowing Review: Is It Another Scam In 2022?

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A social media growth firm with over ten years of experience, MySocialFollowing provides services for several platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and more. But is their service trustworthy and worth paying for? Read this MySocialFollowing review to learn more.

A company’s social media presence has a significant impact on its public perception. A business, whether it has been operating for a while or was only just founded, can experience meteoric growth thanks to an effective social media presence. Additionally, successful social media influencers depend on a sizable and engaged fan base.

Basically, increasing your social media presence is essential for you as a brand and an influencer.

It’s impossible to overstate the value of growth services in elevating your page or profile. However, there are a lot of shady businesses out there that are quite dangerous. We have reviewed MySocialFollowing for you, another social media growth service.

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Let’s investigate the company’s offerings in this review to see if they actually help you build an online presence in a safe way.

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MySocialFollowing Explained

According to MySocialFollowing, you’ll effectively increase your social media presence on some of the most popular websites in the globe, such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. However, after taking a closer look at what they have to offer, we think they could be using bots to artificially inflate their clients’ follower levels.

They offer for sale Instagram views, comments, likes, and followers. Additionally, they also have a unique “combo package,” which includes likes, views, and comments in the numbers you specify.

Let’s examine MySocialFollowing’s website and initial impressions now that we are aware of what it is.

MySocialFollowing Summary

The website for MySocialFollowing is simple to use and browse. The phrase “World Class Social Media Promotion” and the logos of the social media platforms they offer services for are found as soon as you land on their webpage.

The company’s website says that it has served up to 400,000 customers over its more than 10 years of operation online. However, there isn’t much additional evidence to support this.

MySocialFollowing provides a guarantee that using their services will help you expand significantly quickly, similar to other internet growth businesses.

You may read the positive on-site customer reviews and a list of the features they offer with each service by scrolling through their webpage.

There are buttons for each platform they support in the upper menu bar. They also provide a service called “Visitors,” where you may select from a variety of packages to attract actual visitors to your website. According to the service, users will get real visitors to Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. But nowhere is it indicated how they would deliver those services.

It makes sense for them to give massive traffic from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but how can they deliver actual customers from a Google search? Google follows tight guidelines when it comes to ranking websites and delivering organic traffic. This is one of the numerous issues we have with this platform.

How MySocialFollowing Works

The user-friendliness of MySocialFollowing’s website is something we enjoy. This makes it simple to locate what you’re searching for on the website without getting lost or confused.

The procedure for making an order at MySocialFollowing is as follows:

  1. Go to their website and then select the social media services tab.
  2. Select the desired service(s) from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the pricing option that best suits your needs.
  4. Input your email address and Instagram username.
  5. Select your preferred method of payment: Credit card or PayPal.
  6. Await the arrival of the followers.

MySocialFollowing Services

Our primary focus in this review is Instagram. They provide the general Instagram services you’d expect – followers, likes, and views.

When it comes to their Automatic Likes offer, we suspect that it has more drawbacks because it is automatic. At first thought, it seems practical, doesn’t it? In fact, the Instagram algorithm may quickly identify this kind of growth as a scam, reporting your account as violating policies and leading to suspension or account deletion. Auto-likes are a muck riskier service to partake in.

The Mixed Combo package is also an uncommon offer since it lets you choose from a variety of services, such as likes, followers, and comments, and then pay a single fee for all of these packages.

Instagram Combo Package

You may select how many Instagram likes, comments, and followers you want with the MySocialFollowing combination plan. Once you decide how many likes, comments, and follows you require, the final cost will be shown. The bundle is pretty unique from other services we’ve seen from growth firms.

a screenshot showing MySocialFollowing combo Instagram package

Instagram Followers

100 followers cost $9, while 2000 followers cost $65. The typical qualities of this service include:

  • Lifetime Promise (whatever that means)
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Authentically Engaged Fans (i.e. ‘real’ followers)
  • Additionally, each package has its own delivery schedule (this feature is different in each package as the time of delivery increases with the number of followers you choose).
a screenshot showing MySocialFollowing Instagram followers packages

Many clients have voiced complaints regarding followers who vanish after a while. It will be covered in more detail in the review section.

The delivery time depends on how many followers you order. A shorter wait is indicated by fewer followers, while a longer wait is indicated by more. Despite the huge growth MySocialFollowing guarantees, some disappearance still happens.

Instagram Likes

The price range for the MySocialFollowing likes package is $7 for 100 likes and $115 for 25,000 likes. The service makes the false claim that it offers likes from actual individuals, which you allegedly cannot obtain on any other platform offering growth services. Actually, many services claim to offer ‘real’ user interactions. If you have more than 2500 likes over many postings, you can divide them up.

a screenshot showing MySocialFollowing Instagram likes packages

Instagram Comments

The business provides several bundles for its comments service. You may purchase up to 500 comments for $75 or 5 comments for $7.

a screenshot showing MySocialFollowing Instagram comments packages

Instagram Video Views

They charge $7 for 100 views and up to $299 for 500,000 views for their Instagram videos.

a screenshot showing MySocialFollowing Instagram views packages

MySocialFollowing Reviews

We don’t want to depend simply on the homepage user reviews. That applies to all businesses. Of course, a company will only highlight favorable evaluations and ignore any negative ones. Therefore, we broadened our search to examine how MySocialFollowing does with user evaluations from outside the site.

People on Sitejabber and Trustpilot still have a generally favorable view of this business, despite the costs being a little more than anticipated and the customer care being inconsistent.

However, certain worrying incidents have been documented. One client said that when he requested a refund, the business threatened to ban his Instagram account.

Another review said that within a few days after purchasing them, they lost the majority of their followers. They contacted customer service, but the agents were apparently unhelpful.

Even though it might be challenging to determine the validity of any review, these unfavorable experiences are important to take into account.

Here are some of their reviews on Sitejabber and Trustpilot.

a screenshot displaying a review on sitejabber showing a customer who bought on mysocialfollowing warning users not to purchase from them
a screenshot displaying a review on trustpilot from a customer who bought on mysocialfollowing advising people to heed caution before making a purchase

Additionally, Scamadviser is another site that gives us some perspective on whether the company is reliable and safe. The company has a 58 trustscore.

a screenshot taken on scamadviser displaying MySocialFollowing low score rating

Scamadvicer claims that the business is user-friendly, has SSL enabled and offers safe payment options. However, the firm has a low trust rating due to its high levels of suspected spammer activity, low Alexa ranking, and unclear ownership.

MySocialFollowing: Our Verdict

MySocialFollowing is not a scam that solely wants your money without delivering the services that they say they will. Customers do appear to have some positive experience. There are worrying situations, though, where customers do not receive what they paid for.

Here is a brief summary of MySocialFollowing’s benefits and drawbacks.

Improves your social media presenceMediocre client service
Easy to access services and sign upDifferent types of followers
Some favorable reviewsNo trial offer
Fake followers
Engagement and followers disappearing
The Scamadviser Trustscore is not outstanding

Is this service worthwhile, in the end? MySocialFollowing is not a fraud, but it could definitely be enhanced in areas like:

  • Follower quality
  • Access to better customer service
  • Affordability
  • Improving their Trustscore.

You could consider selecting one of the deals on MySocialFollowing if you are at ease with the amount of risk.

Even if MySocialFollowing isn’t ideal, we don’t think it’s a fraud. Overall, they appear to be doing well. However, users of the service have also had some negative experiences with it. You must make the decision whether you want to attempt it.

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