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Mr. Insta Review – Is It Another Scam? The Truth Revealed

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Increase your social media presence on websites like Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, and others with the help of Mr. Insta, an online social media growth firm. As another social media growth tool, this service claims to provide you with a boost in engagement and following. But is it a company worth investing in? Learn more from our complete Mr. Insta review.

Recently, Mr. Insta has generated a lot of attention, so we wanted to find out what all the fuss is about.

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Is Mr. Insta a reliable company? Can you rely on it to provide you with the greatest results? You’ll be able to decide for yourself after reading this article.

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Mr. Insta Explained

As the name suggests, Mr. Insta is a social media growth business that primarily targets Instagram. According to Mr. Insta, its users may get views, comments, and likes on YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, and other platforms.

Users will choose between their free and paid services when they visit their website. However, as you learn when you look a bit closer, the service is not really “free.”

Although Mr. Insta does provide a free trial, you will ultimately need to pay in order to use their services. You might say they are pretty expensive for their packages. However, they continue to advertise themselves as free, which is really just the first problem we have with the business. Customers find it to be perplexing.

Free IG followers and premium services are the two service tiers offered by Mr. Insta.

For the “free option,” sign up with your Instagram login, then start following other app users. You get “coins” for every person you follow. You may use coins to increase your following if you have enough of them. Basically, that’s it. Additionally, you may earn coins by watching advertisements for services by doing so.

If you have to actively do the effort, why would someone select this over simply seeking for organic growth on Instagram itself? Your benefit from employing a growth service provider is that they should provide you with the service. This “free” alternative only forces people to perform the job themselves, which we find strange.

As opposed to free services, premium services require payment in advance.

How Mr. Insta Works

Mr. Insta is really simple to use. The main steps to using their services are shown below.

  1. By choosing “Premium Services” from the toolbar or clicking “Register” in the upper right corner, you’ll create your Mr. Insta account.
  1. You will be led to “Insta Members Arena” after clicking “continue.” Your email address, Instagram username, and a new password you generate are all they require; they won’t ask you for your Instagram password.
  1. An email with a confirmation link will be sent to the verified address when you create your Mr. Insta account.
  1. Upon registration, you will get a confirmation email. You’ll be asked to select your hobbies from a range of categories, including Art & Crafts, Beauty, and more, after clicking the link in the email.
  1. The last step is to choose a pricing option, after which you are done. Within the following 24 to 72 hours, they’ll offer the services, which can be given at various times. 

Mr. Insta Packages & Prices

Mr. Insta offers followers, views, comments, and likes primarily for Instagram, but it also offers these services for a variety of other platforms, including Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitch, TikTok, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

Their Instagram packages are as follows:


You may select a one-time, weekly, or monthly subscription with this bundle. Starting at $10 for 250 followers and going up to $350 for 20,000 followers, a one-time membership costs. For 250 followers, a weekly membership costs $8.50, and for 10,000 followers, it costs $161.

In contrast, their monthly membership ranges from $9 for 250 followers to $315 for 20,000.

A screenshot displaying how you can buy followers

The following benefits come with this package:

  • Assurance of delivery
  • Results within 24 hours 
  • Refill as necessary 
  • 100% confidential and secure
  • Password not required
  • 24/7 client assistance.

UK/USA Followers

Mr. Insta asserts that it has access to real followers in the US and the UK to deliver to users. You may select the number of followers you want in this bundle, ranging from 10 for $20 to 150 for $250.

This package is pretty pricey, but if it lives up to its promises, firms with US and UK target markets would undoubtedly profit from it.

A screenshot displaying how you can buy Usa/uk followers

Daily Followers 

The business asserts that it can provide consumers with 15 daily followers for $20 per month, 30 daily followers for $40 per month, and 60 daily followers for $80 per month.

A screenshot displaying how you can buy automatic followers

You also have the choice of using the Instagram service for free with this bundle. You must earn 900 coins to take advantage of the opportunity to receive free followers. There is no mention of how many followers you will receive here.

Hashtags and Profile Organization

Mr. Insta claims to do research and offer 30 hashtags in this unique hashtags bundle for $60. 60 and 90 hashtag bundles are also available for $90 and $120, respectively.

A screenshot displaying how you can buy hashtags research package

The following is included in this package: 

  • Researched hashtags for your business or specialty
  • Guidelines for using certain hashtags correctly
  • Hashtag’s profile optimization tactic for enhancing and ranking your profile.

Package Deals 

You may select an all-inclusive plan from Mr. Insta package offerings to get Instagram likes, followers, views, and comments. A 1000-follower package costs $50, while a 10,000-follower package costs $270.

A screenshot displaying how you can buy packages


The likes package from Mr. Insta ranges in price from $6 for 100 likes to $179 for 50,000 likes.

A screenshot displaying how you can buy likes


You may select from a number of packages with their views package, ranging in price from $3 for 100 views to $199 for 100,000 views.

A screenshot displaying how you can buy views


The comment package from Mr. Insta ranges in price from $15 for 10 comments to $80 for 100 comments.

A screenshot displaying how you can buy comments

Mr. Insta Reviews

It’s crucial to read user reviews to see what Mr. Insta’s prior clients are saying. Because Sitejabber and Trustpilot are reputable third-party review sites, we chose to read through their reviews on both platforms.

A screenshot displaying a negative review left on sitejabber
A screenshot displaying a negative review left on trustpilot

The testimonials mentioned above clearly show that using their service occasionally entails getting fraudulent or automated followers. Overall, there are a lot of satisfied consumers. But we can’t overlook the problems that former consumers have had.

Although the free trial may tempt you with a few real followers to get you going, premium subscriptions occasionally provide you with fake followers.

Given that just $161 is needed to obtain 10,000 followers, it seems like a fair price. 10,000 followers, even in a month, is a significant quantity. How long it will take to produce the findings is not specified by Mr. Insta. Results are guaranteed to start 24 hours after purchase and last for 72 hours.

Mr. Insta: Our Verdict

Now is the time to look at everything we know so far and try to decide whether or not to buy services from Mr. Insta. This table of pros and cons could be helpful.

All of the main credit cards, including Bitcoin, are accepted.Fake Followers
HTTPS version is secured with 256-bit encryption.Positive Reviews Are Farmed
Poor Customer Service Experience
Some services are expensive

Overall, Mr. Insta doesn’t appear to be a fraud, but occasionally you may receive fake followers who vanish after a while. Furthermore, their customer service is not very user-friendly.

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