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BlastUp Review – Is It Really As Safe To Use As People Say?

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Blastup (formally known as Gramblast) is a decade-old social media company offering Instagram profile engagement services to its customers. In my Blastup review, I’ll explore what the company offers and whether this growth service is legit.

Many of you are curious about Blastup (formerly known as Gramblast), an Instagram growth company. I’ve done the research and looked into their company, services, and reviews to determine whether it’s a viable option for your social media growth.

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With the high amount of competitive pressure to maintain a presence on Instagram, many users are beginning to outsource their profile engagement, i.e., getting more followers, likes, comments, etc., to Instagram growth service companies. 

Let me walk you through some information about Blastup and their service that is, arguably, essential.

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What is Blastup?

Blastup is a social media service company that has been around since Instagram first started. They claim to offer real engagement (likes, comments, followers, and auto likes) to their customers on Instagram.  

The company was previously known as Gramblast and has now been rebranded as Blastup. The reason for its rebranding is unknown. However, some say it was because of a copyright issue (the word Gram in Gramblast is ‘owned’ by Instagram).

At the top of their website, you’ll see the different services they offer:

  • Instagram views
  • Instagram likes 
  • Automatic Instagram likes
  • Instagram followers  
  • Automatic Instagram views.

These are the main services you can get from Blastup, but it also offers other online services, including an Instagram photo downloader and an active follower counter. The company does not offer any free trial, but you can get 10 free likes on any post from them. 

With every order, the company claims that you get the following perks:

  • Real people
  • Top-notch support 
  • Instant delivery 
  • Delay likes
  • Unmatched prices

The website does not mention 24/7 support, meaning you’ll likely have to wait a while for help. It should be noted, however, that many companies that we’ve previously reviewed who say they offer 24/7 support don’t actually follow through with it (as per customer reports).

How Does Blastup Work?

The website has a simple interface that’s easy to navigate. The process of buying from Blastup is quite simple too:

  • Select the Instagram package you want 
  • Choose the quantity
  • Hit the ‘buy now’ button 
  • Enter your Instagram ID name 
  • Pay the total amount and wait for delivery. 

The website guarantees instant delivery for your packages; however, they do not provide a backup time frame in case your order is delayed.

Blastup Pricing

The prices for services at Blastup are reasonable, so you can get affordable packages. However, it is strange how they offer high-quality Instagram engagements at very cheap rates. 

Here are some pricing ranges for the different packages that they offers: 

Instagram likes

You can get 50 likes for $1.59 and up to 2,500 likes for $29.99.

a screenshot showing how to buy likes

Instagram views

You can get 500 views for $1.99 and up to 250,000 views for $249.99.

a screenshot showing how to buy views

Instagram followers

Blastup offers you up to 100 followers for $2.99 and up to 1,000 followers for $9.99.

a screenshot showing how to buy followers

Auto likes

Blastup also offers auto likes, but it’s a monthly subscription. For an auto likes month subscription, you can get 50 auto likes for $9.99 per month and up to 5,000 auto likes for $349.99 per month. However, the company does not share if the auto likes will be all given to a single post or whether they can be shared. 

a screenshot showing how to buy auto likes

Blastup Customer Reviews 

Blastup has many customer testimonials on its official website. However, to know more about the legitimacy of the company’s service, I have checked their customer reviews on the following popular review websites. 

Trustpilot Reviews

Blastup’s reviews on Trustpilot are terrible. Out of 39 total reviews, it has an overall rating of 1.7 stars.

a screenshot showing blastup rating on trustpilot

Many people have commented that the followers obtained through Blastup are fake and that their Instagram accounts have been completely deleted after using the service. Your investment goes to waste as your followers drop over time. With no refund or guarantee, this is a huge risk.  

Here are their customer reviews on Trustpilot reviews. 

According to Michelle, she didn’t receive the followers she was promised. And the one she received also disappeared after some time. 

a screenshot showing another bad review about blastup on trustpilot

Nate Grey states that he used their service twice but didn’t receive any followers both times. He also mentions that their customer support is terrible; it takes a lot of time to answer, and eventually replied that the service was delivered when it clearly wasn’t.

a screenshot showing a negative review about blastup on trustpilot

Blastup Scamadviser Reviews 

BlastUp has an overall trustscore of 58 out of 100 at Scamadviser. 

a screenshot showing blastup rating on scamadviser

Scamadviser has given Blastup a 58 trust score because it is SSL-certified, Tranco ranking, and many other website-based security certifications. However, it has a low trust score because the website owner is not known, has negative reviews, and is based on selling social media engagement services (which is often seen as a ‘negative’ by the review site). 

a screenshot showing a full review by scamadviser about blastup

Is Blastup Legit?

Blastup looks like a legit website being a very old service in the business. However, its on-site fake reviews and poor reviews on the websites as Trustpilot make it quite suspicious. The company’s owner and company location are also unknown.

It also does not offer any free trial to judge the legitimacy of its service, and many people have complained about bad customer support (or no support at all).

Whereas there could be some safety concerns too with Blastup.  However, what “safety” looks like varies from person to person. Some only feel comfortable if they don’t share their information with anyone, while others are okay if companies know specific things about them. For others still, feeling safe requires a company not to store any customer information.

Although the website is secure, it does share your buying history information with other visitors. For example, you can see a small pop-up window on the lower left side of your screen while on their website where you can see live when someone from a particular country buys an amount of followers/likes/views. Whether these are actual customers, or not, this might steer people away from using the service.

Blastup Pros And Cons

Let’s wrap up the overall review of BlastUp with a quick Pros and Cons before moving to the final takeaway. 

Secure websitePoor Trustpilot reviews 
Low PricesPoor customer support
Often provides Fake followers 
No free trial is available

Blastup Review: Final Takeaway

Like every Instagram growth service, Blastup has tempting claims of providing quality profile engagement. However, they offer some temporary results but fade away after some time. The fake on-site testimonials are also pretty concerning and say a lot about their service.   

The majority of reviews located on their website appear to be fake. Positive reviews are difficult to find on other websites, which makes it challenging to decide whether or not this service can be trusted. You must research before agreeing to use a service such as this one.

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