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Inzta/Hypez Review: What Happened? Why Did They Fail?

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Inzta/Hypez, an Instagram growth service, was shut down twice, most likely for indulging in fraud (as you’ll learn in this article). It’s a good idea to learn more about companies like Inzta/Hypez in order to avoid buying growth hacking solutions from shady vendors. You may choose more wisely for your social media growth with the aid of our comprehensive Inzta/Hypez review.

Influencers, artists, and entrepreneurs may all benefit from social media platforms, particularly Instagram. The goal is always to create an engaging online presence, but it’s equally important to choose the right target audience so that your followers are truly interested in and engaged in what you have to share.

Tools for social media growth may be helpful if you wish to accelerate your development. They provide you more time so you can focus on other things, like creating high-quality content.

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However, a lot of startups produce technologies that are a waste of time and money and fall short of your expectations. One such tool that underwent two brand changes, Inzta/Hypez, was prohibited and removed from the internet.

Learn more about Inzta/Hypez and the reasons it was stopped to better protect yourself from growth services that won’t provide you the value you need.

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Intro to Inzta/Hypez

We’ll focus on Hypez/Inzta’s existence before they closed. The company’s goal was to aid in the development of social media profiles, notably on Instagram, by boosting their customers’ profiles.

Hypez has been operating for a while; it was established a few years ago. Many people continue to call this growth tool by its prior name, “Hypez,” even though it now goes by the name “Inzta.” Even their official website used the Hypez.com domain while directing visitors to Inzta.

However, nothing changed about the service. The name was just changed; the logo and user interface appear to remain the same. It appears that in the end, it wasn’t enough to keep things running because it was eventually shut down entirely.

What Did Inzta/Hypez Provide?

Inzta/Hypez sold Instagram likes, followers, and views. There it was. They did offer filters, automated procedures, or audience targeting as part of their service offerings.

Customers frequently received followers of dubious quality, some of whom weren’t even present on your profile and later were removed/became inactive. This is in contrast to the ideal goal which is to obtain interested followers to interact with your content.

Since these acts violate Instagram’s rules and regulations for purchasing fake/bot followers and interaction, your Instagram account may also be terminated.

Despite the company’s assurances that they would provide you with more supporters if any of your present ones drop you, it didn’t seem to happen.

Inzta/Hypez: Packages & Cost

These are the main services that Inzta/Hypez focused on.


Customers of Inzta/Hypez might purchase 100–1000 Instagram followers. Gaining followers is the primary motivation for using Instagram growth tools, thus, it is clear that Hypez had this as her main goal.

Now we must decide if they gave us good followers. Although Inzta/Hypez may have assured you that you will receive a specific number of followers, the followers’ caliber is actually rather poor.


The problem was that the majority of these followers were from phony accounts or bots controlled by Inzta/Hypez. This suggests that customers will progressively lose followers before Instagram deletes them.

Check out these client testimonials on Trustpilot.

a screenshot showing a customer who left a negative review about hypez on trustpilot stating that all their followers disappeared within a week
a screenshot showing a customer who left a negative review about hypez on trustpilot stating that they never received their order and that customer service never answered


Similar to followers, the number of likes was not always constant. Even while Inzta/Hypez provided the exact number of likes you purchased, they gradually disappeared since many of them were from fake profiles.

Only if you desire a significant increase in the number of likes on your most recent video will a service like this be useful. This is accurate since having more likes makes it more likely that your video will be seen by the audience that matters to you the most. Although it could provide you a boost in the near term, you shouldn’t depend on it for long-term growth.

Video Views

Not much stuck out either in this case. In the vast majority of instances, they originate from automated accounts.

Cost of Packages

On Inzta/Hypez, prices for 100 followers to 10,000 followers varied from $1.99 to $49.99.

These prices weren’t the most costly, but take into account the possibility that all of your followers may disappear a few weeks after you get them.

No of the quantity, buying followers was pointless since you would eventually lose the majority of them.

The company’s main issue was that they needed to put in a bit more effort if they wanted to keep their present or prospective clients. Allowing people to buy followers and then offering shaky follower accounts that eventually disappear wasn’t in their best interests. 

In order to prevent the same issues from arising after the relaunch, they should have concentrated on addressing these faults in addition to rebranding.

Their tool has not improved even after rebranding. Due to their ongoing inability to provide high-quality services, they were once again compelled to shut down operations.

Why Inzta/Hypez Wasn’t Reliable

We should take caution while using the word “scam” since it is a very serious accusation. By “scam,” we mean a certain way of conducting business or operating.

In other words, this company can be considered a scam since they weren’t being honest about what they were offering. Scamming someone involves fabricating details to get their cooperation while failing to deliver the promised service.

Your business will suffer if you don’t give a customer the service you promised to offer. Inzta/Hypez didn’t live up to expectations.

Many clients were unhappy with their service since the followers they acquired often disappeared after a few days. It makes sense why they failed; when your whole business depends on Instagram’s growth and you can’t offer that to your customers, you’re stuck. 

Nobody enjoys dealing with the consequences of giving their credit card information to a dubious website. Always do your research before employing any social media development services to avoid any future annoyances.

The Reason Inzta/Hypez Closed

We have examined this company’s most likely causes of its failure not just once, but twice. The following theories, in our opinion, make the most sense.

Customers Weren’t Happy

This could be the most logical response. It is understandable that customers are upset with the inconsistent nature of their services and the bogus followers. They may have lost every client, gone bankrupt, and stopped getting new business from negative online evaluations.

Instagram Suspended It

It’s probable that the fake followers were quickly identified by the Instagram algorithm, which then barred them.

Website Traffic Was Too Low

If they weren’t able to obtain enough customers via their website, they could have had to close. Maybe their marketing was subpar and they couldn’t bring in new leads.

Inzta/Hypez Review: Takeaway

It’s rare to shut down a website once for rebranding, and it’s even more of a concern when the same website gets shut down again.

To fully grasp the situation, let’s look at what they did in summary.

HTTPS site (secured)Followers were bots/fake
Cost-effective servicesRebranded without improving services
Most followers bought & added later dropped off
Bad reviews from users
People weren’t offered a free trial

It is clear that those in charge of this website didn’t bother to fix their prior mistakes after being given another chance. It is imperative that you meet your client’s needs; if you aren’t able to do that even after you rebrand, then there’s a serious issue.

No matter which website you use, we highly encourage you to learn more about a social media growth service before making a decision. Websites that are incompetent may suspend your Instagram account and take your money without giving you anything in return.

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