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Socialshop Review: Why They Shutdown? The Truth Exposed

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Users of the SocialShop social media marketing platform were promised access to likes, comments, follows, and profile engagement. The service was discontinued as a result of its ineffective functioning. Learn more from this SocialShop review about how to avoid unreliable growth services in the future.

Instagram growth companies are often used by people to outsource their following and engagement on social media networks. On several new platforms, legitimate services, safe expansion, money-back guarantees, etc. are promised. And then, abruptly, they vanish from the internet.

Before we begin the evaluation, let's first offer Skweezer as a competitive alternative to SocialShop. Although we don't frequently recommend growth services, this one is an exception. Skweezer is a solution for growing Instagram that gives its users real followers and engagement. Reviews indicate that they have a large number of happy customers. Click here to read our Skweezer review.

One of these strategies for Instagram development was SocialShop. As of September 2022, it is not operational. What took place to cause the close? To assist you to avoid using these shady services in the future, find out more about the causes of its shutdown in this SocialShop review.

It’s never a bad idea to have a backup plan or two. You might want to check out these:

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Intro to SocialShop

SocialShop is an online company that made the promise that it could give its customers likes, comments, followers, subscribers, etc. on social media. The website for the service is no longer live; the only place you can find it online is in internet archives.

a screenshot from socialshop homepage before they shutdown

The services of SocialShop supported a number of social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Facebook. In this evaluation, we’ll focus on its Instagram services.

SocialShop: Was it a Real Service?

Because the service is no longer available, you cannot visit their website to see how it operates.

To place an order, you had to visit SocialShop’s website and select the desired plan. Your browser was sent to another page where you were able to choose the chosen package and proceed with the payment (which required you to enter your Instagram ID).

Though it appeared like a straightforward procedure, was it effective? What kind of service did you anticipate in terms of speed and quality?

Because SocialShop’s quick delivery made it seem as though you’re buying followers rather than organically growing your following, your Instagram account may be suspended.

As seen by many Trustpilot reports identifying the same problem, Instagram’s technology will immediately delete any suspiciously high number of followers on your profile. If you want to purchase followers from growth services, look for ones that say they will deliver followers over time.

How reliable were the followers you were able to buy from SocialShop?

This business said that the followers were genuine people who utilized Instagram similarly to you. If that’s the case, these people would continue to comment on your postings and remain on your page due to their genuine interest.

A more in-depth look of the assessments, however, shows that this is false. We will go into more depth regarding the reasons why followers left in the review section.

In essence, SocialShop sold a fixed number of real followers together with fake profiles. The majority of these profiles were from China and India. Since they normally don’t have a profile photo or any postings, they are usually simple to spot.

Additionally, many customers were hesitant to disclose their payment information while utilizing their service since their website did not have an SSL installation.

SocialShop Prices, Packages & Offers

Users of SocialShop’s SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts had a variety of options.

When the site was still working, this is what they marketed to users.

  • Highest quality Instagram likes, followers, views, and comments
  • 100% risk-free usage
  • Email support
  • Quick delivery
  • Without a need to input your password
  • Automatic likes
  • Distribute your view bundles across the different videos.
  • Comments on Instagram posts.

SocialShop offered services for various social media platforms, with Instagram as their main focus. They provided users with a range of packages to choose from. Their regular package included 100 likes and 100 followers for $3.

a screenshot of the socialshop package prices from their website

It is uncommon to employ a service to get only actual followers. SocialShop, however, claimed that it would offer genuine followers. Despite such assertions, if you unexpectedly get a lot of followers, Instagram may become suspicious and ban your account.

According to several customer testimonials, their Instagram account suspension was caused by fake Instagram followers. Others brought out the sudden drop in followers after a couple of days.

However, a handful of people also stated that they gained a sizable number of loyal followers who persisted for a considerable amount of time. Even so, the number of genuine followers was smaller than the number of imposters.

Due to the frequent comparability of their expenditures, businesses seldom combine these two incentives. Offering followers and likes in one package seems restricted when you consider that consumers would want to use other services, such as comments or views, to improve their Instagram profiles.

Businesses now have the opportunity to profit from Instagram’s many capabilities, thanks to recent advancements.

The prices were reasonable, so even if SocialShop ended up being the incorrect option for your needs, you wouldn’t go bankrupt by choosing the most expensive package.

Even though it could seem alluring, rapid delivery is not the greatest choice. Your followers are low quality and could go quickly. Additionally, Instagram’s algorithm forbids these sorts of purchases.

Any indication of an organic invasion might hurt your account. No one wants that.

Customer Reviews for SocialShop

No matter what service is provided on their website. User evaluations, especially on credible websites, help reveal the validity of a business from a more objective viewpoint.

You may still read customer reviews even though the website is no longer operational. We could only find one profile on a well-known website, and that was on Trustpilot

a screenshot from trustpilot whee people left reviews about socialshop

If you search Google for SocialShop reviews, Trustpilot is the recommended result. This service has a very poor reputation on this reliable website, and every Trustpilot review is negative.

Take a look at these two instances of previous SocialShop customers who were absolutely unsatisfied with the service:

Since Myra Denise spent a lot of money on a tiny number of followers who later quit following her, she accuses the company of being a scam and of lying.

a screenshot from trustpilot whee people left reviews about socialshop

Randy Jones bought the Twitter follower package for 100 new followers, however, they were all dropped off a few days later. 

a screenshot from another review left by an upset customer on trustpilot warning users about the followers quality

If you read a few more reviews, you’ll see that a lot of other people have had the same issues.

Several customers of SocialShop allege they never received their followers or that the follower engagement was abruptly deleted after using the service.

SocialShop: In Summary

Ultimately, the only positive attributes that SocialShop seemed to have were their abundant choice of various packages and their reasonable rates. However, their drawbacks were vast:

Negative reviews
Fake followers & engagement
No refunds were given
Very bad customer service
There wasn’t any free trial
No safety since the website wasn’t secured with HTTPS

Every social media development service, including SocialShop, has benefits and drawbacks. However, we do not suggest utilizing SocialShop due to the unreliable payment method and website security issues. Furthermore, based on negative customer reviews, which are often located on trustworthy sources, their service was obviously phony.

You are surely aware of the current issues SocialShop is facing. Making a purchase from this business is not a sensible move. We advise waiting to see what happens if it comes back. Many individuals are still baffled by SocialShop’s unexpected withdrawal from the internet, which leaves a lot about it unexplained.

Be wary of their empty promises since you will gain some true followers as well as a large number of false ones. If you want to grow your following on Instagram, avoid doing things that won’t be successful.

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