InstaBoostGram Review

InstaBoostGram Review -Why Did Their Website ShutDown?

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An Instagram growth tool, InstaBoostGram, promised to expand users’ networks and increase account interaction. The portal has, however, been taken down. Find out more about their operation and the reasons it was shut down in this InstaBoostGram review.

Tools for Instagram growth are continually being introduced to the market in large quantities. InstaBoostGram is one of these tools. As of 1st September 2022, the service is no longer available. It was still in service at the beginning of 2022, so it was curious as to what occurred to cause the shutdown.

Before we get into the whole evaluation of InstaBoostGram, we want to draw your attention to Skweezer, another Instagram growth tool. Since high-quality websites might be hard to come by, it's unusual for us to promote any of these growth services. Skweezer, on the other hand, is the InstaBoostGram substitute that we can confidently endorse. Utilizing actual profile engagement through real users, this Instagram growth service operates honestly. Read our entire Skweezer review to find out why.

The primary causes of the abrupt termination, according to our research, are negative customer feedback and technological difficulties. To help you avoid using dubious growth services in the future like InstaBoostGram, we conducted a thorough review of the service’s functionality and, ultimately, the ways they didn’t deliver on their promises.

Here are some active services that still do a pretty good job for their customers:

Growth ServicesAverage RatingPrice
Skweezer4.81Check Price
Gramfuel4.4Check Price
Hootview4.3Check Price
Table View4.1Check Price

InstaBoostGram Explained

How did InstaBoostGram function? is the more pertinent question now that the website has been shut down.

An Instagram growth business called InstaBoostGram made the promise to provide customers with services like Instagram likes, followers, and video views. Similar packages were also made available for other social media sites, including YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok.

Each Package included the following:

  • Protection of privacy
  • Online delivery that’s quick
  • Simplicity to choose the service
  • Doesn’t require a password
  • Additionally, InstaBoostGram claimed to provide Order Tracking and 24/7 assistance.

How InstaBoostGram Worked

One advantage of InstaBoostGram was how quick and easy it was to use. Users first choose a plan they were interested in. They then supplied their Instagram account information and completed the purchasing procedure.

Your password was never requested by InstaBoostGram for security reasons. Any service that requests this information is probably a ruse.

InstaBoostGram Packages & Prices

Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify services were provided by InstaBoostGram. In this review, we’ll go into more depth regarding its Instagram-related services.


A few packages were available from InstaBoostGram, all of which included, as they said, real followers, timely delivery, and safety. Although the last benefit’s meaning was unclear to us, it sounds good.

Customers of InstaBoostGram can choose between two types of followers: “Premium” and “High-Quality.” Pricing was the sole distinction between the two bundles. InstaBoostGram claimed that the followers would never be dropped off, like most other services (where after a few days, the gained followers start to discrete). 

The idea of quick delivery in InstaBoostGram’s prior service was problematic. This is only secure with lesser followings, such as when buying a package from a business that gets you under 1,000 new followers. Any more than that and Instagram is likely to immediately detect your account’s erroneous growth and mark it as being against the guidelines, resulting in account suspension or deletion.


Likes were incorporated in the second phase of their Instagram service. Both basic and automated likes were offered. Every time you uploaded a new photo, the likes would appear, with a daily cap of four photographs.

The service, however, has a big downside and a ton of unfavorable user evaluations. Later, we’ll go through these reviews in further depth.

Pricing Packages

On InstaBoostGram, you had the option to select a bundle that fits your needs and budget. 

  1. Followers: From $2.89 to $59.99, you got 100 followers out of a pool of 10,000.
  2. Custom Comments were priced from $7.99 to $155.99 for comments from 10 to 1000 customers.
  3. 500 to 500,000 video views for between $4.49 and $999
  4. 250 to 1,000,000 story views for $1.99 to $999.99
  5. 50-80 to 6500-7000 Auto Likes for $49.00 to $1099.

InstaBoostGram User Reviews

If we read over the InstaBoostGram user evaluations, it becomes evident why the service was discontinued. Although there may be some advantages to using the service, its disadvantages cannot be avoided. Users that had bad encounters with their platform said that the issues with their service were too significant to recommend others using it.

We looked to Trustpilot and Sitejabber to see what users had to say about InstaBoostGram.

Trustpilot Reviews

a screenshot of Instaboostgram trustpilot page

InstaBoostGram customers didn’t have a great experience with the service, as per the Trustpilot reviews. 

James Magnolia claims that the number of followers he bought significantly decreased, and the company’s customer support did not attempt to replenish it. He said that their premium service appears to provide James followers from stolen accounts of children.

a screenshot of a review left by a customer on trustpilot claiming lacking of customer support and followers dropping

Alessio S. had a similar issue, saying that their service was fake and when she tried to communicate this, they denied it.

a review of a customer who left it on trustpilot website saying that the customer service blocked them when asking for a refill on their order

On a lighter note, one user named Parmeet said that their service was fine, even though there was a drop in followers. 

a screenshot of a review left by a customer complimenting Instaboostgram services

Sitejabber Reviews

At Sitejabber, InstaBoostGram had an overall rating of 2.75 stars out of 178 reviews.

a screenshot of instaboostgram sitejabber review page

Giselle M was also disappointed in the service. She said the customer service was bad, and that even though she was entitled to a refund, she didn’t get it. 

a review left by a customer on sitejabber claiming they provided an horrible customer service

Why InstaBoostGram Shut Down

There are a number of reasons why the company closed. And that’s how it normally goes – a company like InstaBoostGram doesn’t usually go down for just one reason, but a host of different issues.

The following are some important causes of the service’s demise:


Because the followers would be brand-new accounts with no posts, no profile picture, and an odd name, several consumers expressed worry that they made the followers appear untrustworthy. This lacks the impression of superior or “premium” followers.

Customer Support

The terrible customer service was one of the most obvious flaws. Customers complained that the company’s customer service was rude, stubborn, and confrontational. It is quite clear why their business failed. Any business that has poor customer service will eventually collapse.

Privacy Protection 

If what several consumers said is accurate, this business is breaching the law by charging clients without first informing them. That is bad on so many levels and is unethical.

The veracity of these statements is demonstrated by the following client comments.

a screenshot of a review of a person on trustpilot saying that they used their credit card information for an unauthorized charge

It doesn’t matter whether the customer service is good or awful; at the end of the day, this might also paint the entire website as a shady operation. It’s not surprising that a provider went out of business if they were charging you extra money, which in this case would have been theft.

We have no definite reason as to why this website was taken down. It is not required to know the true cause of their shutdown, though, given what customers have stated about this service.

It can be due to poor customer service, or clients have filed lawsuits against them for financial theft. This is a regular occurrence since clients file lawsuits when they are scared. Alternatively, they may have been shut down due to fraudulent credit card transactions made by the clients.

Was InstaBoostGram Reliable?

The service’s closure demonstrates that it wasn’t secure. Many trustworthy sources include customer evaluations that demonstrate how unimpressive the service was.

Customers’ feedback on SiteJabber and Trust Pilot said the service was not worthwhile.

Your Instagram account or personal details were not safe. It defrauded customers blatantly and offered subpar service.

They advertised blackhat services and ostensibly provide false followers that put your Instagram account at risk.

InstaBoostGram Benefits

Easy to use websitePoor customer service
No password was neededFree trial wasn’t offered
The website wasn’t secure on HTTPS
Followers & engagement weren’t real
Terrible reviews

InstaBoostGram Review: Final Verdict

We are aware that it might be challenging to tell a real service provider from a phony one, especially now that there are so many of them available. The greatest method to maintain organic and consistent growth on Instagram is to choose a provider you can completely rely on and produce high-quality content.

Instagram growth services may be of great assistance in giving an account a quick boost, but be sure to conduct adequate research before making any final purchases.

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