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What Happened To RiseSocial? Full Review

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RiseSocial joined the ranks of several other social media boosting websites and made bold promises about its ability to assist you in increasing your social media following. Customer testimonials, as well as the odd closure of this website, paint a different picture. Find out what happened to RiseSocial and what a better option is for your Instagram growth.

Scam social media growth companies that make big claims but don’t deliver have entered the digital marketing world. Social media engagement and follower outsourcing have grown in prominence in recent years. 

Some websites are still operational and provide affordable packages for buying interactions and followers for well-known websites like Instagram. However, we quickly discover how dubious their methods are and how dangerous their service is when we dig a bit more into the user evaluations of the platforms.

Implementing social media growth techniques might be risky since buying a large number of followers from bot accounts can be quickly reported as fraud on Instagram. This may result in the suspension or termination of your account.

One website called RiseSocial made all the appropriate claims and provided deals that appeared too good to be true, which they actually were. There have been several theories as to why it shut down its service.

What we’ve shared in this post will very likely convince you that this business deserved to close down (and stay closed forever). We advise choosing Skweezer to increase your Instagram following if you're serious about doing so. You can read my review about them here.

In conclusion, dishonest service and unhappy consumers appear to be the most plausible answer. Learn more about RiseSocial and what transpired so that you can spot scam websites like this one with more accuracy in the future. This will enable you to distinguish between a phony and a more beneficial option if you’re seeking for an Instagram growth service.

Also, if the first option for growing your Instagram account doesn’t work for you, here are a few more good ones.

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RiseSocial Explained

An Instagram growth tool called RiseSocial made the promise that it could assist users in gaining more Instagram followers, likes, views, and engagement. Basically, the promise that every social media growth company makes.

Through our research of the now-closed platform, we learned that many users had had more negative than positive effects from the website.

Customers should be able to receive organic leads on followers, likes, and engagement from a trustworthy Instagram growth tool. But when it came to RiseSocial, there was not a single favorable review of the platform. Even some of the other scam sites that have since closed down received at least a few okay reviews; RiseSocial literally had none.

The company’s latest customer review was submitted on April 26, 2019, which, based on our best assessment, is when the website started to have problems. The domain is now for sale on the website: RiseSocial.co

This points to the likely fact that the owners have no intention of opening up the service again if they have put the domain up for sale.

a screenshot of for sale sign when you visit risesocial website

We had to search the internet for an image of the website’s old homepage in order to see how it looked when it was operational. According to their webpage, they primarily concentrated on their allegedly “active” Instagram followers (in other words, real users).

a screenshot of the original risesocial homepage courtesy of archive.org

However, both the evaluations of their past clients and the website review articles that have been published since it went down called into doubt the legitimacy of the company. It appears that RiseSocial used bots for its services.

Using bots will lead to the sale of false followers to you as a client. Therefore, Instagram will take disciplinary action against you if they discover that you purchased phony followers. Keep in mind that Instagram retains the power to block or prohibit your account or, at the absolute least, to erase the phony followers you have accumulated.

Was RiseSocial Real?

Without a doubt, we cannot claim that this was a legitimate growth service.

According to several Trustpilot user ratings, RiseSocial has permanently vanished. The image below demonstrates that RiseSocial only received a star rating of 2.2 out of 5. Additionally, 0% of the reviews are rated as excellent, 0% as great, and not even any as simply “good.” 89% are “bad.”

a screenshot taken on Trustpilot page about risesocial

A consumer complained on January 1st, 2019, that they continued to charge him even after he cancelled and ceased responding to their emails. Below is his review.

SCAM!! I had to change credit cards because they kept charging me after I cancelled and never replied to emails…

Another customer complaint discloses that despite having paid for 20 weeks of service, she was let go after just three, forfeiting the other 17 weeks.

a screenshot of negative review about risesocial on Trustpilot

According to Lucilia Leger, RiseSocial allegedly disabled her Instagram account and would not provide assistance. Her whole review includes:

They got my IG locked out and refused to take any responsibility or even help! Just wanted to cover their own back and didn’t care at all!!

Honestly, what got me the most was that they did not care at all! Not one bit. As a business owner, customer care comes first! Treat your clients with respect and have some empathy for people. Will take you a long way!

The client below said that he had seen odd login attempts on his Instagram account. What made it possible? He got an email asking him to enter the password for his Instagram account. See the complete information below.

a screenshot of lengthy negative review left on risesocial Trustpilot page

Most of these consumers only gave them a 1-star review, indicating their level of dissatisfaction with RiseSocial Services. It wasn’t difficult to come to the conclusion that RiseSocial was a phony Instagram growth tool. 

Read more RiseSocial’s Trustpilot Reviews to understand the full extent of people’s experiences with the company.

RiseSocial Verdict

Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of RiseSocial in more detail and see what benefits (if any) they may have provided in order to present a fair viewpoint.

HTTPS securedBad Customer Service
Fake Interaction
Private Customer Information
Account Blocks & Suspensions

RiseSocial Cons (in-depth)

  • Bad Customer Service: We thought RiseSocial’s customer support was lacking. How would you feel if you contacted a business that you had given money to but received no response? That is a significant warning sign.
  • Fake Interaction: Users received fake Instagram followers, likes, and views via RiseSocial’s numerous engagement tactics. Instagram may also block your account if it has fraudulent engagements.
  • Private Customer Information: If a website seeks personal information, such as your Instagram account password and likes, it should serve as a red flag to potential customers. A trustworthy business would never need that.
  • Account Blocks & Suspensions: RiseSocial’s activities result in clients losing their Instagram accounts. Why? When providing the engagement services it advertised, the website employed bots (against Instagram’s policies). When you think you’ve utilized a legitimate service, having your profile removed would be demoralizing.
  • Untrustworthy: This was dubious conduct, to put it mildly. As you read above, why did RiseSocial log into the accounts of their clients?

In Summary

We believe Instagram is doing the right thing by banning dangerous services. As a result, new platforms can deliver on their promises without running the risk of damaging their consumers’ accounts if something goes wrong.

The conclusion is to avoid using fake Instagram growth tools because doing so might result in account closure. You can identify fakes by reading reviews of RiseSocial from users who have used it.

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